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I am a busy Mom of two little boys.  I stay at home during the week with them but also work outside of the home on the weekends.
We love books, music, toys, games, household goodies, pampering products, events, etc.

Kerri's Klutter is all about me and me being honest.  Sharing the truth with my readers.  

I would love to find and am looking for quality products and services to review and share with my readers.

I would like to combine any review along with a giveaway for my readers.  Without a giveaway a review is most likely skimmed over and not thoroughly read.   

Do you think your product and/or service is a good fit for Kerri's Klutter, then please contact me at the klynnski8 (at) gmail (dot) com
Previous reviews/giveaways include: 
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