Sunday, February 28, 2010

See Ya In Seven Days

UPDATED March 1.  This was intended to be a sarcastic rant on my impending and fast approaching PMS.  I got a few concerned comments and emails.  I am just pms'ng.  I'm not going anywhere.  I feel like poo but not "suffering".  
This was just my attempt at being FUNNY while having PMS.  I think I failed.  ;o)  
My husband came up with the title. 

No, I'm not going anywhere.... 

not physically anyway but definitely mentally and hormonally. 

The first of several migraines friends already came to visit me. I was awoken by his loud knocking bright and early Saturday morning.  I punished him by taking a lovely horse sized pill of ibuprofen.  I sat at the dining room table trying to enjoy breakfast with my family as I waited for my rude friend to stop screaming and knocking at my door.  Shortly before I was to leave for work he got the message and left. 

Sadly enough, I know he will return.  I'm not sure I have enough pills to last me 7 days.

Last night another friend a pain in my ass called irritability stopped by.  Nothing and no one seemed quite as funny to me as they did the day before, nor did I enjoy the clinginess of my little boys who know exactly when Mommy's tolerance level is low and giving in might result.  I punished this friend by sticking him in a corner and putting a hefty chunk of duct tape over his mouth to keep him from hurting himself by saying something he might regret in 7 days. 

Their other buddies breast tenderness and abdominal cramps sent me a text message to let me know they'd be arriving in a few days.  My house is a mess and I am trying to plan a birthday party for my big boy Jacek.  I am so not in the mood for these buddies or buddies of buddies to be showing up when they damn well please. 

The best part of all this is my SMUCKIN Auntie F is coming too.  Yep, she was courteous enough to email me an "I'm inviting myself over next Monday." greeting.  I wasn't surprised.  I knew she would be coming next week but seriously MONDAY?  That's my 7th Wedding Anniversary.  COULD SHE BE ANY MORE RUDE?!? 
How dare she invite herself over without regard to the plans I might have had to engage my husband with.  Ugh! 
Has she no decency?!?

So, yep.  First I get to enjoy the company of all these friends and buddies and then I'll be entertaining my Auntie F for the following week while a few of her friends mood swings, crying and fatigue  show up to make me feel really super. Apparently she can't travel alone.  That'd just be too much to ask.  

So seven smuckin blissful days I must endure of feeling like CRAP I'm someone else before I can begin to enjoy the fact that MARCH is here.  

Spring might be coming to visit too.  That'd be a visitor I'd welcome with open arms and beg to stay for WEEKS.

Not so much these other visitors

Those other visitors, well, they can go to hell in a hand basket along with the bicycle that my
AUNTIE F is riding for all I care.

See ya in Seven Days when I rip the duct tape off my mouth and shout

For "those of you" who might not get my sarcastic reference: any mention of AUNTIE F in this blog is intended to mean my period.  I could never hold this much disdane for any relative, Aunt or other.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My first blogging award EVEAH!!

On Tuesday night I was jumping up and down.  
Repeat.  Jumping up and down.  In front of Darren and the boys.  They know I'm crazy so I didn't really have their attention until I exclaimed,
"I won an award!, I won an award!"  
I may have sang it but I don't remember with all the arm flailing that was going on.
Then there was just silence as they tried to understand what exactly crazy jumping up and down lady was saying.

Darren said "awesome babe". 
Jacek asked "Where is the award?".  
When I told him it was on my computer he looked at me said, "oh."  

So, out there in bloggyland are gazillions of people like myself who have found themselves addicted to this blogging thing.

Melissa over at 

liked Kerri's Klutter enough to
give me recognition on her blog 
and give me this award.

Thank you so much Melissa!

Every blog award (apparently) comes with rules for recipients to follow:
The Kreativ Blogger Award rules
  1. Post the award.
  2. Thank and mention the person who gave you the award.
  3. Pass the award on to seven bloggers whom you think embody the spirit of the Kreativ Blogger Award.
  4. Name seven things about yourself that others don't know.
  5. Don’t forget to notify your seven Kreativ Bloggers about their AWARD and post links to their blog
Now I'm not sure exactly what the spirit of the Kreativ Blogger is and I even googled it. The ones I have chosen to award embody (in my opinion) originality, creativeness (either in subject matter or crafty in general) and I find them genuine and honest.

Below are the 7 bloggers whom I've chosen (in no particular order).

Over at Not Quite Susie Homemaker you will find a busy lady.  She's in the beginning stages of her blog life (much like myself) but she has big plans.  She plans to take over the blogosphere.  Maybe she'll let me come along for the ride! 

Holly at Homebody amazes me.  She has great decorating ideas and tips on being frugal in the process. 

Danielle of Who's that girl had me laughing and cringing.  She recently wrote about her implants.  Too funny to pass up. 

I found Suzanne at Thirty:Own Up to Being Grown-up at the Lady Bloggers Society.  Her goal is to become an acclaimed syndicated columnist. She is another newbie but I don't think her followers will stay small for long.

Honey B at The Honey B. blog has a "Babybucket List".  I've been a follower of hers for a little while now. I look forward to her daily posts.  She's funny and fun and is about to cross BUY A HOUSE of her list. 

I am NOT a VOLCANO has beautiful photographs and makes these awesome fairy wings that she currently has a giveaway running for.  Hurry, it ends March 6th.  She is very talented and her blog showcases that.

Melissa from My life and How It's Going is a blog I read daily. I think we are a lot a like. On a recent post she wrote, "For me, blogging is an outlet. It’s something I enjoy doing. I like to write. I like to share. I also like getting feedback, attention, and support from other people(doesn't everyone?). 

Congrats to you seven and thank you for gracing the blogosphere with your words.  

Can they get a whoop whoop?

This was a great way for me to discover some new blogs to follow.  I selected 4 I read daily and 3 that I came across in my searching.  I hope you'll go and check them out.  

And now I have to list 7 things about myself that you don't already know. 
  1. I have a tendency to speak in song, in an opera style singing voice, with complete abandon.   
  2. I fear the dentist and I hate teeth.
  3. I love karaoke
  4. When I'm driving I almost always imagine I'm running.  It's a weird thing that started when I began training for my 1st 5k last year.
  5. I love tattoos.  I want a half sleeve on my left arm.
  6. If you call me I most likely will not answer the phone.  Email or text me though and you'll have a response lickady split.
  7. If I don't control my anger it will control me.  (I am constantly working on this)

And there ya have it.  My first award in the record books.  

Ker-riiiii   is   a   Kreaaaaa-tiv   Blog-gerrrrrrr...
sung in my opera voice of course!!!

Totally tooting my own horn but please don't hold it against me ;o)
I'll be less excited and loud the NEXT time I win an award
? Yeah, probably not ?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fragments

Legit either work hard or you might as well quit
That's the word,because you know
U can't touch this
U can't touch this

Break it down
Stop. . . De-Klutter time

I was super early to pick up Jacek on Tuesday.  His teacher is notorious for letting class run over so I went and looked through some books at a book sale that was going on in the same building.  I kept my ears peeled for squealing 3 year old boys to run by the doorway but I never heard anything.  I was starting to get frustrated because it was getting late.  I walked out of the room to find my little man standing with his back to me staring at the entrance we normally come through.  My heart sank.  I so hated being "that Mom" who has to explain to her crying last to be picked up child why she couldn't manage to get her sorry butt there on time.  I called his name and he turned.  The look of relief on his face about killed me.  He seemed to be rather unaffected by my tardiness and happily hugged me.  The second we pulled out of the parking lot though I got a talkin to.  "You're not there to look at books Mommy, you're there to get have more patience and wait for me, ok?", he said matter-of-factly.  
"sorry honey", was all I could mange between trying not to laugh or cry.

Last year while the boys and I were at our library for story time we met a few Mommies and other kids.  We've had several playgroups with them since.  I got an invitation to a Pleasure Party from one of them.  I gotta be honest here, I feel really conflicted about it.  I like her and I think it would be MAD FUN but it feels weird.  I mean, in 10 years when our kids are in school together and she finds something to HATE on me about...I don't want her sharing my pleasure toy selection with other people to make me cry.  I mean this could totally turn into a blackmail tool selection party.  What if I wanted to run for a public office in the town hall?  I can imagine the Anti Kerri Klutter posters with the pink magic bunny pointing at my face which has a big  
over it.
How horribly tragic.

 Maybe I'll just stay home and read this and be safe.

I apologized to the dentist on Thursday.  I said "I'm sorry but I hate dentists."  Probably not the best way to initiate conversation with a man that is about to stick rather long and sharp objects into my mouth.  "What if I told you I wasn't a dentist would you let me put this scraper in your mouth?"he asked.   I hesitated in answering because actually, yeah I do think that a random stranger might NOT BE AS BAD AS SOMEONE WHO I KNOW PULLS TEETH OUT FOR A LIVING.  So, rather then look like a Coo-Coo bird, I smiled and chuckled through my anxiety.  Turns out I get to go back to see him in April to complete my initiation. I'm excited though, he told me I'd get a souvenir to take home.  I wonder what it's going to be?  (Smuckin smooth talker almost fooled me, he's gonna pull out my smuckin tooth isn't he?)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My 2nd Guest Blogger - Elizabeth Confesses

It's Thursday and that means
Guest Blogger #2
Let me begin by saying....she's awesome.

She is a Mom, has a fancy smancy job as a full time TV news producer
has a blog with over 550 followers AND...yes AND....she takes time to blog, replies to her blog comments (I'm guessing pretty much every one) and she has shown me support, and has become a bloggy friend...
So, without further's her guest post
Be sure to show her the same comment love you show me (she's used to lots of love)
and check out her site....she's awesome!
Hey everybody!

Kerri's already explained how I ended up here-- guest blogging on her site-- but in case you missed it, I'll recap:

Step 1: Kerri posts a blog challenge (aka, bet) regarding the Super Bowl on the morning of the big game.

Step 2: Being the cocky Peyton Manning fan that I am, I bet the farm (or in this wager, a guest post) on the Indianapolis QB's arm.

Step 3: I'm told the Colts lost to the Saints 31-17. I don't really know how the game ended. I spent the last five minutes of it locked in my bedroom closet crying my bloody eyes out not watching it.

Despite what the above scenario may leave you thinking, I'm not a betting woman. DH? Yes. He will bet on anything. The over/under on how long it will take our next door neighbor to mow the yard? Yup. The number of wings he can eat at dinner? Sure. How many times Tracy Morgan's character on "30 Rock" says "dude" in a given episode? Why not.

But me? Me? Not so much.

However, there is something I'd be willing to lay down my life for (eeek, I know that's bad grammar; I know you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition. I hope you'll forgive me). And that is is my group of girlfriends.

Two years ago, I couldn't have said this. Back then, I felt adrift... like I didn't fit in with the women I'd chosen as my "circle". We seemed to hang out because we felt like we had to hang out. Our friendship began feeling more like an obligation than a joy.

It all changed, oddly enough, with a breastfeeding class at the hospital where I gave birth. There were dozens of women in that class, but it was J & M who would become my dearest friends. We only spoke briefly during our classes, but when we returned to the hospital for a nursing support group literally days after our children were born (less than 3 weeks apart), we recognized each other and the bonding process began. I mean, really, how could you not feel an intimate connection while breastfeeding in front of others?

At first, our friendship was limited to the weekly support group sessions. Then, it grew to our first tentative outings off the hospital grounds. Before long, we were inviting each other to dinners and playdates and birthday parties... any excuse to get together and gab.

And over the past two years, our circle has grown as fast as our friendship. We've welcomed C, and H, and a whole group of women with whom (see? I do know how to properly use the English language!) we've chosen to share our lives. And our children's lives. And our husbands', too.

So, would I trust these women with my life?

To quote a oft mis-quoted former vice-Presidential candidate...

You 'betcha.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pain reminds us we're alive-Love reminds us why

It's hard not to dissect your faith(religious or otherwise) when those that you consider essential are grieving.

I try not to give advice, choosing instead to be a place where they might come to rest, to take a break from the sadness that encompasses so much of their day now.

At the end of my day though I've been thinking.  Thinking about pain.  Thinking about love.
Thinking about the loss and emptiness we feel when someone we love dies.  

Questions, doubt and what-if's flood our thoughts.
What happens to them now?  
I don't think they knew how much I loved them.
What if I never get to seem them again?

The foundation of faith(religious or otherwise) is shaken to its core.  It becomes a struggle of great proportions.

Does their energy remain here?
Is there an after life? 
Are they just gone?

If you are open to it, religion will point you in the direction of these answers but there are many religions and many different answers. 

Having faith is simply and complicatedly described as having a strong conviction about something.   What that something is, can vary depending on what speaks to you or what makes the most sense.

Everyone has their own.

If you take away all those questions about death and what happens after we die however, you will find yourself left with a universal emotion that everyone feels, regardless of their faith.


Pain exists without regard to religion.
Pain can exist without love but not the reverse.   
You can not love and never feel pain nor, I believe, should you ever want to try.

 To me, this is an answer.  I find it comforting. Without pain we might just up and forget what love is.

People we love die suddenly no matter how much time we have to prepare ourselves.  Suddenly everything changes and then almost everything is different, 
everything except the love we have for them...that stays the same.  
The pain reminds us of that.

I don't think what happens next is what we should focus on.  We can't control it anyways.

The pain is something real and tangible.  We should embrace the pain and be assured by it. 

Loving is what we are all born to do.  At least, that's what I believe.


Harder and longer.  Without pause.  Without regret.

And when the pain is there, let it in, for it is love returned to embrace us.

Feel.  Be sad that they are gone.  Cry. Be sad that life is now changed.

Feel the pain and allow love to pull you out on the other side.

Pain reminds us we're alive.  
Love reminds us why.

I'm pretty sure you can put your faith in that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Feb 23, 2010

Team Royce
Click here to be taken to the sign up form and become a member of the team

FOR TODAY: Tuesday February 23, 2010

Outside my window is the same view.  The same houses sit surrounded by snow.  More snow fell last night but the road is not covered.  It actually looks really wet.  Maybe the temperature rose over night.  The trees are still cold and bare. 

I am thinking that I wasn't a very supportive Mommy when Jacek woke me up at 4:15am because two of his burpies (lovies) were lost.  In my half a wake mutterings I think I told him that it was silly.  Not having or thinking you don't have your security item is not silly to a toddler.  It's pretty serious business.  I wish I could just be less grumpy at 4:15 in the morning.

I am thankful for music.  Music helps me get the words out.  Last night I was struggling to put thought into words.  I put the headbuds in and turned on Yahoo radio's coffee shop channel.  I got another blog post written. 

From the kitchen the cupboards and the refrigerator are yelling at me.  They too, like the trees are cold and bare.  A shopping trip is desperately needed.  Darren keeps opening and closing them as if  he believes that the next time he opens them something will be in there.  That would be way cool if that could actually happen.  Teleportation grocery shopping.

I am wearing clothes for the day.  Since I was awoken at 4:15 to be BurpieFinder I could not really go back to sleep.  When the alarm went off at 6:30 I was up and at 'em.  I'm in jeans that fit me nicely and a thrift store find sweater.  It's quite a snugly sweater I might add.

I am creating blogs.  I have so many posts in my edit file that I overwhelm myself just looking in there.  You'd think that I would actually use one of them blogs to post rather then create from scratch another one but you have to write when the mood strikes.  I've been wanting to participate in this day book idea for a while now.  Isn't this called free writing?  When someone gives you a started idea and you finish it with thought? 

I am going grocery shopping.  Did I mention the look Darren has on his face when I told him teleportation doesn't actually matter how many times you try.  I kind of like the clean and simple look the refrigerator has now without all the stuff in there.

I am reading The Dome by Stephen King.  I am almost half way through it and it's been and is getting really good.  I've had it almost three weeks already.  I warned the librarian I'd have it for a long time.

I am hoping that Jacek isn't a tired wreck today.  He was up at 7 this morning.  He's in his room still because of the eight zero zero rule we have in the house.  He's got school today on top of us running out first thing to grocery shop.  So, pair all that with no nap.  He'll be a tired little boy that's for sure.

I am hearing frozen gurgled chirps from the birds outside.  It gives me hope and reminds me that eventually winter will be over....right? 

Around the house there are toys.  Toys, toys, everywhere.  We did not enforce toy pick up last night.  I'm not sure why.  I barely remember what we had for dinner.

One of my favorite things is conversation with Jacek.  He'll ask me now to sit and talk.  I love it.  Then he'll say, "hmm, what should we talk about?"  He'll be 4 in just a few weeks.  I was telling my friend that I can't imagine having conversations with Aidan, who's 18 months and just beginning to babble.  I know it'll happen but right now I can't believe I'll have another little person to engage with.

A few plans for the rest of the week include story time tomorrow morning at "The Big Library" as Jacek calls it. I think on Thursday we'll probably stay home in the morning and Jacek goes to school in the afternoon.  Friday might include us joining playgroup for a bowling date for the kiddos.  It sounds like a lot of fun. I don't think we have plans for the weekend, which is actually a very nice plan to have.

Here is the picture for thought I am sharing.
A few pics of what is blooming on my porch

And this is what is outside my porch

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Menu Monday

And just like that it's Monday again. 
How was everyone's weekend?  
                                                                     Mine was nice. 

On Saturday Darren and I had a little date.  We went out and walked around a few stores.  Jacek's birthday is coming up so we started picking up a few things.  I left the bag with the birthday goodies on the dining room table over night.  Jacek saw that bag this morning and looked through it.  I then had to convince the very sad child that the things in that bag were not for him.  He was so deflated.  I apparently still think that I have children that aren't little boys, that don't get into everything, and that don't think that every toy that comes into this house is theirs.  I wonder what he'll say upon opening those gifts on his birthday.  So much for the element of surprise.

All that salivating over last weeks was for good reason.  Everything was delicious.  The least enjoyed was the pork loin.  It was one of those already seasoned loins and it was kind of spice overloaded.  Besides the fact that it took almost 3 hours to cook and it was still not reading a really hot 165, we had to cut all the heavily spiced parts off in order for the boys to eat any.  

The hit of the week was every bit delightful and then some:

Once I convinced Jacek that this was the same thing that is inside fish sticks he ate it up.
Darren and I really enjoyed it.  We hadn't had "real" fish like this since we lived in North Carolina.
We liked it so much it's on the menu again this week, just prepared a different way.
 As I've said before
here's the boys lunch from Tuesday
Before you say anything about these poor legless "twins"
Jacek requested pickles after I took this picture.
The pickles became the "twins" legs and I had to do 
everything in my power to keep them from running away but eventually 
Jacek and Aidan overpowered them, limb by limb. 

So, here's the weekly menu(with some links to recipes):

Monday: Breakfast - yep!  White Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Sausage and Eggs for dinner.  
                        Sit back and watch the boys stuff their faces.

Tuesday: Slow cooker Sloppy Joes (made with ground turkey)

Wednesday: Parmesan crusted Tilapia fillets (suggested by Danielle from Danielle's Meandering Thoughts)

Thursday:  Crock Pot Fajitas (suggested by Mama M from My Little Life)


Saturday: Toasted Cheese Sandwich's and soup

Sunday Slow Cooker Pot Roast (We are not big pot roast people..(haha...funny image that created) so fingers crossed we like this.  It has great reviews on

I am not as excited about this weeks menu as I was for last week but there's a couple of hopefuls in there.

Happy Weekly Menu Monday.  
May you have a week of stress free yummy meals to look forward to 
or just take my menu and call it your own!
Will you please join me in helping to deliver spirit by supporting the cause Cards4Cancer?  Please check out my blog post 
Spirit Jump and Cards 4 Cancer and start making your cards and spreading the word today.  

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spirit Jump and Cards 4 Cancer - Will you help deliver hope?

On or about Saturday April 10th, 2010 Spirit Jump and the team leaders around the world will bring bags of cards to their local cancer centers to be given to those battling cancer. Cards can be collected by asking family members, friends, neighbors, schools, youth groups or just about anyway you can think of getting them. Cards can be handmade or store bought and should have a positive message to help JUMP the SPIRIT of someone who is battling cancer.

I have volunteered to be a team leader.
My team name is TEAM ROYCE
in honor of my Grandfather
Frederick E. Royce.

By being a team leader I am committing to delivering the cards that my team members make.

Who are my team members?

Will you help me remind those that need it that they are not alone?

Please CLICK HERE to sign up to be a team member for 
Team Royce 
make cards or buy cards 
 spread the word about this cause
to your friends, family, strangers you meet on the street
blog about it, tweet about it, post it up at your work
have everyone make cards or buy cards
collect the cards from them
and then send or deliver all those cards to me
I will then deliver them to a local cancer center
 and give those in need
a Spirit Jump.
Click Spirit Jump to read more about their amazing organization

The cards do not have to be store bought, they can be made, they do not have to be fancy, what is important is that each card contain an uplifting message for the person battling cancer and the card, in some way, reflects that it is sent "because of" Spirit Jump. 
**Card Writing Guidelines
-Cards should NOT be gender or age specific
-Please avoid phrases like "Get well soon" as; unfortunately, many will not get better.
-Inspirational messages such as "Thinking of You" or inspirational quotes are good.
-Cards without words are okay too-sometimes a drawing can raise someone's spirits.

If you're interested in being a team member go ahead and sign up through the Cards4cancer's blog....make sure you sign up under Team Royce

Then, leave me a comment that you have signed up as a team member and start working on making, getting and collecting cards.

I will send you my address when you are ready to mail the cards to me.  You can send them to me as they come in to you or wait and collect them and send them all at once.

Please make sure your last mailing goes out by April 5th so they have time to get to me.  

I'll update in a few weeks to see how we're doing as the cards start to come in.  I know you all are awesome and I know you're going to make this HUGE.

Lets get started!!  

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Moon and Ice Cream with my Niece

My 13 year old niece has a beautiful face that is covered in beautiful freckles.  When I look at her I see myself.  Sometimes this makes me really nervous.

I spent my evening with her last night.  To fulfill a promise, I took her out to see New Moon in the theater before its release to DVD.

The dollar theater where it was playing is about 40 minutes away from our town in the coun-trey.  We were running a little behind so I was trying to focus on the quickest way there.  Our conversation was a bit staggered and hesitant.

I seem to ask her the same questions (school, interests, and boys) and I always feel like she's not putting to much effort into her answers, which makes me crazy but she's a teenager and I get it.

We talked about teen magazines and teen celebrities.  She told me who was dating whom, who had broken up and about the poster she has on her bedroom wall of Taylor Lautner.  She told me she can see his 6 pack and the top of his boxers. 

She was smiling and giggling and blushing.  I remembered what the walls of my childhood bedroom looked liked when I was a teenager with my posters of Corey Haim and other stars. 

On one small side road we saw a lot of deer.  They looked surreal, standing still and watching us pass.  Even though we were already running late I stopped the van and we watched them frozen in the snow.  My niece kept exclaiming "How can they be real, they look fake just standing there?".  Then the deer had burst into motion and the van became silent as the both of us watched. 

Arriving at the theater my niece's demeanor changed once again.  Again the bubbling excitement of seeing her celebrity crushes on the BIG SCREEN over took her.  She skipped herself to the box office where I bought the tickets, costing $2.00 a piece and we rushed inside.

The theater was dark when we entered.  Thankfully we found empty seats without accidentally sitting on anybody first. 

My niece was bouncing in her seat.  Then the movie began and her body quieted and became still.

Every time I glanced her way she'd look at me and smile, especially during the scene where Jacob takes off his shirt to wipe the blood from Bella's head. 

I could only imagine what she was thinking.

The movie was longer then I had expected but it was good and we both enjoyed it. 

It was time for a snack and we headed out into the cold on our way to get ice cream.

I asked her while we were freezing our butts off walking to the van if she wanted to get something warm instead of ice cream.

"What does it matter if it's cold out?  I love ice cream."

She is so much like me.

At the restaurant we sat across from each other.  I watched her face and listened to her talk.  I asked some "heavy" questions about friends, who picks on her, boys, school and the conversation again quieted down.

Then I asked her what she wanted to talk about.  From that point on, she talked about everything with a little more freedom and enthusiasm.

Boys.  She talked about boys.  She talked about her brother.  She asked the waitress if she could keep the long handled spoons.  We laughed. 

We ate ice cream as we shivered.

On our way home we boogied in our seats to some disco music.  She grew quiet and I just let her be, remembering how I wished when I was a teenager that adults would just stop asking so many questions.

I had to swerve hard to avoid running over a fresh road killed skunk.  The stinkiness filled the van and we gagged and laughed.

I chuckled at remembering a brief conversation we had on the way to the theater.  She had explained that when her family is out driving they hit the roof and then punch one another when they pass a yellow Volkswagon bug. 
"I don't play that game in the van." I had said.  "I just punch people whenever I want to"

She looked at me a little nervously as if waiting for me to punch her.  I smiled instead and chuckled.

"That sounds.... fun", She had finally replied cautiously.

I pulled into her driveway and I thanked her for being my date.

She put her arms around me.  She thanked me and said I love you without me saying it first.

Teenagers talk when we grown ups least expect it and boy, do they speak volumes.

I dreamt of her face last night.  Her smiling freckle covered face. 

I woke up this morning, still smiling.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments AND Feel Good Friday

I ate a whole box of chocolates on Thursday afternoon.  Yep, a whole box.  Well, thankfully, it only had 4 chocolates in it because if it had more - ugh! it honestly scares me to even think about it.

I found out that I won a writing contest that I had entered at the end of December.  I am beyond excited.  The prize is a blog makeover created by The Style Dragon.  Kerri's Klutter will have it's own domain.  
Gonna reign my own domain baby!

My husband took the day off of work on Thursday and took the boys out of the house all morning.  What that left me with was an empty, quiet house in which I read and ate and read and ate and said "ahhhhh" a bunch of times(only when I could hear the harps playing though).  BLISS!

I'm looking forward to taking my niece out to the dollar theater (it actually costs $2.00) to see New Moon tonight.  She is 13.  I have read the Twilight series and was not impressed with the movie Twilight.  I have heard mixed reviews on New Moon.  It saddens me that I am looking forward to seeing Taylor Lautner (he plays Jacob).  He was born in 1992.  That makes him 18.  I am 32.  I do realize that's just kind of gross but sadly it still doesn't change the fact that even if the movie is a waste of my won't be a total waste of time. 

I'm tiring of Facebook.  I enjoyed reconnecting with high school friends but have not really maintained any continuing friendship since.  It bothers me (because I think too much) that my facebook friend count says 139 and yet...yep...not really friends (in my meaning of the word) with all those 139 people.   

I love when someone new "follows" my blog because it's like an open door.  It's an open door to their page where I can check out their  as well as all the cool blogs they have on their list.  It completely amazes me how many people (men and woman) have blogs and how amazing these people are.  Everyday I am finding more, learning something new, and loving this journey that's only just begun.

I have been working on a few things that I have on my life list.  It's so exciting.  Self-efficacy is rearing it's lovely energy.  I love self-efficacy.  
A few of the things close to being checked off are:

- Having 50 followers on my blog.  
I'm at 34.  I realize I could stay at 34 for quite some time but so far I've been getting closer and closer each week.

-Learn how to shoot a hand gun.  Nail a bulls-eye.  
I have been in contact with a member and a close friend of the owner of a local rod and gun club.  He has recently informed me that I have the "OK" to stop by once the weather is warmer and start my learning process. 

- Make a personal mission statement.  Live by it.  
I am working on this and working diligently.  I am trying to convey myself, how I want to live and be remembered as well as what I want to accomplish in my life.  I am learning it is very difficult condensing myself into a few paragraphs that will ultimately describe how I view life and it's path for me.  I'm getting there.  I can't wait to share it with everyone else.

-Run a 10k. 
I am going to start running again on or around March 14th.  I am excited and looking forward to getting outside.  Spring is close.  Goals are being set.  Life is being lived.

And one last Friday Fragment:

I'm getting really sick of this cold and snow here in 
Western New York.  
I'm beginning to itch.  Oops, left off the B there.

My youngest son Aidan is a year and a half old.  He is beginning to really 
talk.  In the course of just a few weeks, his vocabulary seems to have doubled.
He is also becomming more animated, opinionated and vocal about what he wants, needs and thinks is hilarious.

He has said Da Da for quite some time.  Now he says Daddy.

He rarely ever says Mommy or even Ma Ma. 

I know that he knows I'm Mommy so that's not the issue.  But he simply refuses does not call me by that name. 

When he does say it though it's as if he can't contain himself.  His little face lights up.  He seems to almost be bashfull about it.  He's not a bashful baby by any means.  So, when he says Mommy and then tucks his head down it makes my heart so happy.
He did it several times on Thursday after being out with Daddy all morning.  He did it a few times yesterday.

I realized that I like it being an every now and then thing.  I never know when his little voice is gonna peek out at me and say Mommy. And because I don't expect it, when I hear it, it's like hearing it for the first time.

Eventually, as he begins to say it more often it will lose it's surprise factor.  It will become normal.  I will become used to it.

But for now at least, it makes my face and heart smile every time I hear it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My first Guest Blogger....Darren talks about his BIG.......

 On the morning of February 7th a friendly wager was placed on the super bowl.  
4 lovely readers of mine all LOST this friendly wager and all 4 will be featured here on my blog as 
G  U  E  S  T   B  L  O  G  G  E  R  S.
So, beginning today and the next three Thursdays to follow, my guest bloggers will have the floor. 
Please be sure to show them the same comment love you show me.
The first up, is Darren.  My husband.
I was a bit scared out of my mind nervous leaving the subject matter up to his choosing.
He surprised me.  He's pretty good at that.
He could have written about ANYTHING, anything he wanted.
And this is what he chose:
What I love Most About My Big...

On the heels of Valentine’s Day, and sparked by recent conversation/experiences, I have decided this topic to be my first guest blog.  Yes, dear, “first,” implies there will be more to follow.  When?  That’s another question for another day.

What I love most about my big “3”.

What?  You thought I was going to say something else?

My Big “3” are

Kerri - My incredibly complex, multifaceted, beautiful wife.  
Jacek - My super-inquisitive, energy-packed, bonker head, first-born son.  

 Aidan - My lovey-dovey, mega-smiley, oh so stubborn-headed, second-born son.   

Which you all should know quite well by now, so let’s begin.

What do I love most about Kerri?  Answer: Her Passion.   

 It shines through on most everything she does.  Whether it be a meal she’s preparing, a party she’s planning, or a “spirited,” debate we may be having.  I can see it.  I can feel itIt is inspiring.  I think a lot of you have seen it over these past months through her blogging.  Just another example of her passion pouring through.  It packs a punch.  She doesn’t enter a discussion on the highways of life running on half a tank.  How lucky I am to experience it every day.  She IS my passion fruit.  Funny enough, she doesn’t like passion fruit.  Hmmm.
What do I love most about Jacek?  Answer: His Smile 

His smile makes me smileHe smiles so much that he’s going to have smile “wrinkles,” by time he’s 8!  He may never know what or how much his smile means to me.  It’s hard to imagine life before it.  Could I have made it through the rest of my life without ever experiencing it?  Sometimes it’s the first thing I see in a day.  Sometimes it’s the last.  Either way, I get to see it.  My mind is often swirling with work, and house issues.  I am often distant, or as Kerri says it, off in another world.  If there’s one thing that will bring home, it’s Jacek’s smile.  Hehe, just writing about it has me smiling.

What do I love most about Aidan?  Answer: His Hug/Cuddle.   

My porkchop is such a little lover.  Almost like clockwork when I walk in the door…he comes scampering over all smiley with his arms out-stretched in the air begging to be picked up.  Beware the fury that ensues if I don’t.  Kerri doesn’t see it on the weekends because she’s at work, but there’s major cuddling going on.  It’s our own little love-fest I feel like I missed out on a lot of hugging and loving touches growing up.  So I cherish the time now, and appreciate his love squeezesI love his snuggle into my neck.  I love squeezing him close.  I love his cuddle.

My Big “3” are so very important to me.  They bring so much to the table that I love and adore.  While these are the things that I love most about them now, I wonder if they will always be?  As always, time will tell best.  I look forward to the answers. 

Oh, and honey?  Consider the bet….satisfied.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home Alone and other ODDitites

It is Wednesday.

Darren took the day off. 

Darren took the day off and took the boys out this morning. 

I am sitting in my living room.  

Drinking Tim Hortons coffee.  Nibbling on a doughnut doughnuts.
(hee hee, and I didn't have to share)

It is quiet in my house.  I can hear the wind blowing outside.  

It is cold outside.  

It is warm inside my house.  

And it is quiet.

I love my boys but I soooo love this quiet.  It reminds me why I loved this house so much that I wanted to fill it with 4 tiny feet, 20 sticky fingers and lots and lots of toys.
(well the toy part just comes with the 4 tiny feet and the 20 sticky fingers)

I've been reading blogs since 10 o'clock this morning. 
 (how totally awesomely lazy am I?)

I am going to sit and read my current book, Under The Dome by Stephen King until my boys come home.
 (because it is begging to be read)

Nicholas, our cat is actually laying right above me on top of the couch cushion. 

He is normally not there.  He is normally upstairs.  
He likes the quiet too.

The boys will be home by 2 o'clock.
I will miss them by then.

I think Nicholas has the right idea though.  

Too bad I ate all that sugar and drank all that coffee!?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's strong to the finich cause he eats his spinach

This is what we had for dinner last night.

Spinach and Ham Quiche
When I make something that I'm not 100% sure the boys will actually eat, okay I'm rarely 100% sure they'll actually eat what I make, okay okay I'm never 100% sure they'll eat what I make for dinner 
(even if we've had it before)

so Turkey Hot Dogs are always in my holster for a quick draw if it becomes 

necessary but last night

The boys devoured their dinner.

Did you catch what is in this quiche?

Spinach...and as you can see, not just a little...there's quite a bit but the key is to make it less stringy and clingy so as to not excite their GAG reflex
cuz, seriously no one likes gagging at the dinner table.

We've had this before.  Jacek has always been a fan but just like he always does before sitting down to a meal he declared
"I don't like this!"  "I don't want this!"  
"What's this green stuff?"
This was all said before any bites were tried and chewed.

But then this happened.


The boys ate it.  Cleared their plates. 

While I was praising them with positive reinforcement and telling them how big they were going to grow over night because they ate their spinach I kept quietly telling myself that I hope it really doesn't work like that. I know they're growing and growing fast but the last thing I need is to wake up to my little men being all grown up and muscle-ly and hairy and deep voiced hormone crazed men all because I got them to eat their spinach.

So, last night I felt like the Queen of my castle.  
Well, I guess if I were a Queen I'd have a cook so I guess I felt like The Cook of a Queen's Castle?!?  
Well, that doesn't sound nearly as cool now does it?
How 'bout 
The Cook of My Castle

That'd make a great title of a cooking blog.

I like it.