Saturday, September 20, 2008

I see Me

I would choose a quiet room by myself over a room of people, strangers or not.
I will listen to any type of music as long as it makes sense to my soul.

I have a hard time laughing at myself but if encouraged I will eventually see the humor others see.
I love photography but the main thing I would enjoy photographing, people, is deterred by my social anxiety issues.
I don't have difficulty in voicing my opinion but I have a hard time receiving constructive criticism.
I am stubborn, enough said.
I am impatient.
I love animals and have been at a loss ever since we became a pet-free home in 2007.
I am proud of the strength I have discovered I have.
Some of my beliefs are unfounded but that doesn't change my mind.
If I'm bored I get angry. If I am busy I get overwhelmed. It's hard for me to find a happy medium.
I take things personally even if I say I don't.
If something goes wrong I think it's because of something I did or didn't do.
I struggle with trying to understand other peoples actions.
I assume responsibility when I shouldn't.
I am working on not having expectations.
I will be 31 on November 14th, 2008, that is totally crazy.
I love my husband but am in love with two other boys....they call me Mom.
I think I intimidate people by my bluntness but I am just being honest, life is to short to refrain. Trust me, I do hold back...a lot.
I am always trying.
I become indifferent if the work doesn't equal the goal.
My lists and planning keep me sane, OCD perhaps....just a touch.
I don't know how to initiate conversation.
I like my dimples but not my freckles.
I enjoy memoirs.
I wish I could fly.


Kimberly said...

I like this post alot Kerri.. very meaningful.. honest and so much like how I often think and feel...must be a genetic connection of some sort.. very nice.

OneThingReal said...

Write - no matter how you feel, no matter what you fear, write, always write young Kerri.

Your Daddy's beautiful sister gave her black sun son your postage addie. I am thrilled to be near.

Kerri said...

I am working hard at writing from my heart. I know I will have obstacles but it's the only way for me to be true.
Thanks for "following"