Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me, Monday! 11/9/09

Monday again, already?!?  Wow.  I strongly dislike the cliche "how time flies" but wow, time is flying!!

Before I do my 2nd not me Monday post I want to thank those of you who I know are reading my blogs and commenting, I really appreciate it! and thank you to those of you who are reading and not commenting too and I hope you'll eventually leave me a comment or two.

And I will probably totally jinx myself BUT I think I'm doing great so far this time around, with the blogging thing.  I've really gotten into it and made it a point to SIT DOWN AND DO IT!!  ;o)  Go me!

So, here are a few things I did not do this past week:

I did not scream and curse at Darren on Tuesday morning because something he did flashed me back to a "past hurt" not even remotely his fault.  I did not slam doors.  I did not throw a fruit cup at the wall.  (sorry again hun)

I did not obsessively check my blog for new comments pretty much all the time, all week.

I did not work on our grocery list for 2 days and still forget several items.  I did not walk in from said grocery shop and put more then 5 items on our next weeks grocery list.  I did not feel like I lost my mind at said grocery store.

I did not buy an awesome pair of Ed Hardy sunglasses because they were "so me".  I do not absolutely love them. 

I also did not completely cry watching Extreme Home Makeover on Sunday night.  I was not just previously making fun of the show right before the flood gates opened.

There!  Those are the things I haven't done.  What about you?  What haven't you been doing lately?


OneThingReal said...

I did NOT scream ____ you! at my computer for freezing during a huge order while Livvy and a friend were playing upstairs. Apparently my home office does NOT have proper noise insulation.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, frustraton and me. Where do I begin. My middle name is impatient, so I cope with being annoyed quite often. Mostly with myself for now having much of the above. I bit my tongue when my hubby decided to go to the bank after his doctor appt. I had planned to do some errands, etc but had to put them on hold. But in the end, I knew it was important to do what he wanted to do. I'm learning and figure I'm a work in progress.

erica said...

i did NOT get just a little bit jealous when carl lee took aliana out hunting when i haven't been able to go out with him yet.. i do not get frustrated whenever carl lee goes off to do whatever it is he wants to do because he can just up and leave and i can't leave the house with out a kid or making arrangements for mom to watch them.. i do not get aggrivated every morning while myleigh's getting ready for school and takes WAY too long getting ready, and then yell at her..

Kristen said...

I did not have a kleenex shoved up my nose last night because I was sick of blowing it!!

I did not think bad, horrible thoughts about my fat dog when she woke me at 3:30 this morning to go out.

And I most certainly did not just pocket a dollar that I found in the dryer which is more then likely one of my childrens.

Anonymous said...

I did NOT finish off an entire box of Girl Scout Peanut butter Patties, by myself, in less than a week....

Kerri said...

I love it! Thanks for joining in everyone. I'm looking forward to more Not Me Mondays!! ;o)