Sunday, November 1, 2009


I am never, never prepared for some of the things I hear when my newest admired.

Most of the feedback I've gotten has been positive and I've even passed off my artists (Sue Gertner at Ultimate Tattoo) card to a very skeptical but hopeful first time tattoo wanter.

But...a few weeks ago a person I know, in the fact that they aren’t a stranger, and I engaged in a very quick conversation in regards to my tattoo.

After we exchanged "niceties", ya know, "Hi, how are you?" "Good, how are you?" She glances at my barely exposed, peeking out sun face and says...

Wait for it.......wait for it........

"So, Why'd you go and get that big thing right there?"

I say this person is someone I know. She is not however someone I would say is my friend. She does not know me well. She knows of me. She knows my name. She knows I have two sons but I would be shocked if she remembered their names.

I know little of her in return. Apparently though, she does have a set of very big balls. But from what I hear, she says what she thinks and I have to respect her for that...I guess.

Now, back in the day I would have done my famous blotching, breaking out in all face encompassing blotches of embarrassment and anxiety. Thankfully things have changed. I have changed. And it totally helps that I am absolutely IN LOVE with my tattoo.

I could have answered many things. I could have answered her question with a question of my own for my own pure enjoyment of course.

I could have offered to explain. Offering knowledge into my childhood, that my Daddy called me his "sun", being the youngest of 3 daughters and all. That the sun's eyes bare a keen resemblance to my Dads and when I look down I can see his face.

I could have shared my father's medical history, explaining the sun is over my heart because my father has had years...scratch that...a life filled with heart tests, stroke, medications, high blood pressure, broken shocking defibrillators, open heart surgery and has an "enlarged" heart that is bigger then any room I've ever been in.

I could have said that it represents so much.

I could have invited her in.

I didn't.

I simply said "Because it's who I am"

She did not have a response. I saw a flitter of understanding, an eye quiver of respect maybe.

I left the room.

As she was walking out of the office a half hour later she stopped at my desk.

“Your tattoo is beautiful” she says.

“Thank you.” I replied.


erica said...

wow.. so i think you totally handled that much better than i would've.. although i get my share of questions myself.. granted my reasoning isn't deep and meaningful, more of a "it just popped into my head, and i did it." i love your sun and your story behind it.. it's very touching..

Kerri said...

Thanks Erica :o) Yeah, she got lucky this time...when she first said it, I had a swarm of responses I wanted to say back...not to mention all the comebacks I thought of AFTER I thought more about it.

Mama Bird said...

Happy Sit's Saturday!
Good for YOU! Some people just don't deserve and explaniation. I have a very similar tatoo on my back. I guess the universe thinks we should be friends!! I'm following!

Sarah With Scissors said...

very nice response... clearly any explanation would have been lost on her anyway.

also effective is the "i think I just became dumber by talking to you" blank stare... that's my only defense against stupid people and their judgement.

BEAUTIFUL tattoo by the way. love it.

Sarah With Scissors said...

ps. i'm stopping by from SITS (forgot to mention that)