Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Laughing all the way to Santa's Lap

I love the first snow of the season. I love it even more when it doesn't happen until December. And so, waking up on December 1st to snow was wonderful. I went into Jacek's room and snapped up his shade and he took in the view. He has a great view from his window. Both boys do. That makes me happy. Jacek was so excited and asked to go outside and build a snowman. When it was Aidan's turn he was all "whoah", over and over. I hope that like me, that wonder of seeing the first snow never fades. It makes the cold, drab winter landscape come to life the way changing a photo to black and white can sometimes do. Brilliant.

I had the luxury of taking Jacek out by himself tonight. We went to Santa storytime at the library. Conversing with Jacek alone is one of my favorite things. His views on how things work, his questions and his quiet pauses when I wonder what he is thinking about, are things I so look forward to in a moment shared by just us.

Here's a piece of our conversation in the van on the way to the library.

Me: Are you excited to see Santa Claus?

Jacek: Yes. I mean no, I don't like his beard.

Me: Why don't you like his beard?

Jacek: Ooooh look at those lights, wow they have a long fence...those are long lights.

Me: What are you going to ask Santa Claus to bring you for Christmas?

Jacek: A train table. Oh wait, no his sleigh isn't big enough. I'll ask him for something else and Grandma can bring me the train table.

Me: (laughing) Which Grandma? Grandma 4wheeler or Marshmellow?

Jacek: Um, whichever has the biggest car. Doesn't Grandma Marshmellow have a van?

Me: No, I think she has a truck.

Jacek: Oh. Then maybe Mrs. Woodrich can bring it. (Mrs. Woodrich is his teacher and apparently has a van)

When we got to the library he became a recluse. But he had his eyes peeled for any sight of a round bellied, white bearded man in a red suit. He must have asked me 30 times if Santa was there yet. Then we had this conversation.

Jacek: Is Santa here yet?

Me: Maybe. Do you hear him?

Jacek: I think he's late.

Me: Why do you think that?

Jacek: Does he have to wait until Eight, Zero, Zero?

Me: (Rolling on the floor in laughter)

This is Jacek's face when Santa entered the room.

I love the slight smirk and his eyes. He wasn't quite sure what to make of him but he was still totally excited.

However, as soon as Santa began to speak he became a skeptic. Santa sounded super young. Not quite what Jacek expected I don't think.

Jacek did great sitting through the story but Santa stuttered his way through it.

Jacek: Why isn't Santa turning the book so we can all see the pictures?

Me: I don't know buddy.

Jacek: I think maybe he shouldn't read anymore. Is he reading about Snowmen?

Me: I think so.

So the story part of the evening was over lickety-split. On to the "sitting on Santa's lap" fun. Of course, that's after you stand in line for almost an hour waiting for all the other kiddos to do their thing.

We sat. Jacek looked at books. He was very patient. I was growing weary. Thinking that I was wasting my time because certainly my little boy who immediately sticks his fingers in his mouth when approached by a stranger let a lone a man with a beard he didn't like would shy away as soon as it was his turn to sit on Santa's famous lap.

We sat in our chairs and waited for the line to get smaller.

We waited. Jacek looked at more books. Jacek went to the bathroom. Washed his hands.

Then we went and stood in line.

Jacek: I'm gonna tell him I don't like it.

Me: What...his beard?

Jacek: No, his outfit!

Me: (Choking back the laughter) Don't say that. That's not nice. Santa brings you presents, remember?

Jacek: Yeah.

We were 3 kids away from it being our turn. Jacek was becoming nervous.

Me: What are you going to ask for?

Jacek: A train table.

Jacek: I'm NOT sitting on his lap.

Santa was AMAZING!! Check out how he got my son to be comfortable. No fingers in mouth for my son. I was such a proud Mommy.

(sorry for the sideways video)

He went on to have quite a lengthy conversation with the I don't like his beard or his outfit man dressed in red. Jacek told him he wanted the train table with Thomas and Diesel. And that Diesel has a scooper thingy that
gets other trains. He was so himself, the Jacek I know and love and am sooooo super proud of and amazed by.

When Jacek's turn was done he went a
nd sat back in a chair to the side of Santa. He appeared to be waiting.

Me: What are you doing?

Jacek: Waiting.

Me: For what?

Jacek: For Santa to get the train table and Diesel.

Yes folks my son apparently was so brave and sat on Santa's lap only because he thought he was going to get the toys he asked for before we left the library.

That is better then the first snowfall of winter. Way better.

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MomWheeler said...

OMG Kerri...This Is Just So Hilarious...I Laughed So Hard The Whole Time I Was Reading It! What A Smart...Funny Little Boy We Have In Jacek Robert! He Could Brighten Up Anyone's Day! The Pictures Of Him Just Let You Know Exactly What Is Going On In His Mind! And...What A Handsome Young Man He Is! I Hope He Wasn't Too Disappointed That He Didn't Get His "Train Table" From Santa Tonight.I Always Laugh When I'm With Jacek...You And Darren Have Two Little Boys You Will Always Be Proud Of!!! I Love Them So Much!