Friday, December 11, 2009

Knock Knock

I was washing dishes when the UPS man knocked on our front door.  Jacek came running shouting "The guy that drives that big truck is here, not the mailman, the other one!!"

I couldn't wait to get my hands on his package.  Err...I mean, my package.

Coming back in the house holding it I was in my glory but I have children so the package would sit neglected until they went down for nap.

Not soon enough.  They were so whiny today.   Nothing I did or said or yelled worked.

When I finally got to the waiting package I was eating brownies out of the pan with a fork.  They were caramel fudge brownies and so very yummy and gooey.  Quite delightful.  I sure spoiled myself today.

I type this post using what was inside that brown box delivered to me from the man in the big truck.

My new laptop.  Oh, how I love thee.  Oh, how I will treasure thee and write wonderful things with thee.

Getting this laptop did several things for me today.

1.  Removed an item off my frustration list
2.  Made me very happy
3.  Gave me something to blog about 

And as most things do it had a trickle effect as well.

1. We now have the old laptop permanently hooked up to our TV, where we can watch movies, missed t.v shows, view photos, recorded video, etc. on.  It creates more flow in our technological desires and basically it's like having a computer with a 32" monitor.  Yeah, pretty nice. Although, along with the old laptop and the 32" screen T.V. is a deck of cards still doing it's job at holding up the dang power cord thingy.  Hey, it works, who cares if it makes me a redneck.

When we first got our Netflix account we were unable to use our computer hooked up to the television to view any of their "instant movies".  Now, however we can.

Jacek now has a HUGE selection of both educational and non-educational videos to choose from.  Tonight for his first one he chose Mighty Machines: Big Wheels Rollin'Mighty Machines: Big Wheels Rollin'.  It's real video of mighty machines paired with voices as if they are talking and explaining their jobs.

He's enthralled by it.  

I am enthralled that I am not holding my laptop 
AND a phone book 
AND a deck of cards in order to type this.

"The smoother the concrete, the longer it will last"  says Big Fella.

Hey, you're pretty smart for a cement mixer.  

That logic applies to many, many things. 

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Candace said...

YAY for the UPS guy!