Saturday, December 26, 2009

Recap Christmas Eve 2009

I awoke on Christmas Eve morning with a full list of to-do's.  I started early and worked steadily UNTIL I got it into my stubborn head that I would take care of one of Darren's to-do's.  This decision almost wrecked my entire day.
Upon rehanging our upstairs bathroom curtain I snapped off the decorative ball on the end of the curtain rod and gouged my right index finger pretty badly.  Bad enough that there was quite a bit of blood, bad enough that I couldn't bandage it myself and had to call my sleepy sister-neighbor over to help and bad enough that I thought I was going to spend the rest of Christmas Eve in the emergency room.
Thankfully, I didn't end up going but I still think I may have needed a stitch or too but the bleeding stopped by evening.  Thankfully.

I was a bit behind schedule the rest of the day.  Our little index fingers are quite useful, you use them for many, many things.  Without both many things become very cumbersome.

My niece and nephew came over and helped frost the almost 8 dozen cookies.  Debbie, my mother-in-law came and helped out with the boys.  I prepped most of the dishes for Christmas dinner, and tried to get as organized as possible.

Christmas Eve we exchanged a few gifts.

Christmas pajamas and one small toy for the boys.

Gifts to us from the boys.

We read The Night Before Christmas and then declared Christmas Eve a success

another Kwiatkowski Christmas Eve Night
in the record books.

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PolishPrince said...

Christmas was wonderful this year, between the awesome decorations, santa claus-ing, and tremendous anticipation...simply wonderful!