Thursday, January 21, 2010

All About My Gooberbutt

Aidan will be a year and a half on February 12th.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like just a few months ago I was complaining about wanting him to walk already and now it's as if he always has.

He is into everything.  I mean everything.  He pulls things out left and right, plays with the remote controls, pulls the blankets out from underneath the coffee table again and again ( I sure do get tired of refolding them), he finds itty bitty pieces of things on the floor and will walk them to me and say "yuck" and just this morning he brought down every single blanket, pillow and burpie (lovey) that he could reach from upstairs.

He is finally becoming interested in books although he loves to rip out the pages so we stick with mostly board books.  He loves hugs but is not really a cuddly boy.  He says a lot of words but at times also speaks in a totally different language, I sometimes think it's Chinese. 

He eats mostly with his left hand but with other tasks he tends to use both hands quite equally.

He loves to brush his teeth.  He is scared of the train that goes behind our house.  He's fine from afar but get him close enough and he'll freak out a little.

                                                He doesn't like to wear socks.

He loves his big brother.  
He tries to copy everything Jacek does.  He knows what share means and does fairly well with it already.  He follows Jacek into the bathroom and watches him go pee pee.  As he's watching he holds his belly rather then the correct appendage.  This is mainly because he stands and watches while wearing his diaper but also because his belly is too big and he can't actually see his appendage while standing up unless he squishes his chin down to his chest and really bends over.  He's a chunk.

He loves to play and is already great with imaginative play.  He makes the sounds of the cars and trucks and will mimic other sounds he has heard Jacek utter. 

He loves our cat Nicholas.  He loves to kiss his fur but gets really frustrated when Nicholas does not stay still. 

He shakes his head yes quite often.  Sometimes it seems like he says yes to everything but other times you will ask him something and his head will not move and he'lll look at you with a very stubborn (not sure where he gets that from) look and you know he's thinking NO!!  He has shaken his head No, but doesn't do it often.

I have begun to send him to timeout for certain naughty behavior.  If I say to him "If you do that again you are going to go to Timeout!".  He will then stubbornly and loudly walk his way to the time out corner and I will chuckle as I watch him go and then I don't know if I should pull him out of time out or just let him sit there.  Most of the time I let him sit there.  Why ruin a quiet moment, right?

I think he looks like me.  I love that he has my dimples.  His eyes are like a very orange brown.  I took notice of them this morning when the sun was shining through the window and they are quite impressive. Very orange and brown with green speckles in there too.

When he smiles his whole face lights up.  I like to think when he smiles he smiles with his whole heart.

He seems like he might be on the shorter side.  He's short and stout, like a tea pot but built like an ox.  I wonder if our floors will hold up to the wrestling matches they will see in the future.  I know I think the house is loud now.  I know it'll get louder and louder and now that I think of it, smaller.

I am reluctant to see my Munchkin Man go to a full day Pre-K program next fall but I look forward to having time alone with my Gooberbutt.

I look forward to getting to know him better
one on one with
my stubborn dimpled Gooberbutt.


Kristen said...

awww...this was fun and sad to read. How fast it all ends. I miss the pitter patter of my once little ones. :( I had a fun evening with Aidan not to long ago. A rare few hours for sure! He is one of a kind and I love him tons! <3

Debbie (Grandma Marsh) said...

Wow what a big boy he's getting to be they both are. I waited a long time to be a grandma and now look at them growing up before my eyes,and I agree also this was a little sad to read and see his pictures how much hes grown already and how much I love them so very much.