Monday, January 18, 2010

Mixed Monday Rant

My tummy has been bothering me today.  This horrible sounding stomach bug has been going around.  I don't think I need to really say this but I HATE PUKING and I really, really hope that what I'm feeling is not this horrible sounding stomach bug that has been going around.

Darren had the day off today and we thought, albeit briefly, that we might take the boys to The National Musuem of Play in Rochester.  We have a membership there so it would have been a "free" and familiar outing but we didn't stray from the house to do anything fun.  We stayed home, all day and played and tried to relax.  We ventured out for a quick jaunt to get a few groceries and odds and ends but home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Jacek has been saying "it's in my forehead" when referring to remembering something.  It's quite funny and he's said it a few times now.  We're not exactly sure if he heard something like it or just came up with it on his own.  We've told him that his brain is in his head so I guess he put the rest together on his own.  He's also asked Darren "When you and Mommy made me, did you use glue?" 

I'm currently reading Lisey's Story by Stephen King.  I bought it months ago in the super buy section at a local Barnes and Noble.  I figured because of the discounted price, I think it was like $5.98, that, it must not have done very well.  I had never even heard of it and I am a big fan of Stephen King, reading pretty much everything else he's ever written.  It took me about a month to "get into it" and now I can't wait to get upstairs at night to read more and now I'm dreading the end because as it normally is with King's novels I don't want them to end.  It is an amazing imaginative book, often reading like a love story.  The cover of the book is of Boo'ya Moon a place one of the characters visits to escape his reality.  The cover is amazing in itself.   I would recommend this novel to anyone interested in imagination and fantasy.  There's King's classic horror mixed in with a past of mental illness combined with what appears to be a deep love story.  It's truly a complex read. 

Time for a snack, I've got 2 frozen marshmallow santas left and then I'm off to Boo'ya moon.  On second thought, with the possibility of a stomach bug looming maybe I should skip the marshmallow santa?  Ya think?


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