Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smuck Smuck Smuck

I woke up in the early morning from the nagging in the back of my skull.  I glanced at the clock.  It was only 4:16am.  I was getting a *smucking* migraine.  Great.

My alarm went off at the normal time, 6:30, and I pretended not to hear it.  I tried to squish the pulsing in my brain by pressing my forehead into the mattress as hard as I could while chanting *smuck, smuck, smuck* over and over again.  It didn't help much at all.

I took an Excedrin migraine once I made it down into the bathroom.  They only numb the migraine but numb enough so that I can walk around, albeit like a zombie, but walking around nonetheless.

I had a play date to get to today.  I was not about to let a migraine stand in my way.

Thankfully, the boys were very cooperative and we made it out the door with only minor incident.  A side effect of the Excedrin migraine is that it gives me the shakes.  My hands shake, uncontrollably.  I dropped everything I picked up.  I needed to pay very close attention to what I was holding or it would wind up on the floor.  Nothing got broken.  Just dirty.

Play date was nice.  Loud.  But nice.

Today was school day for Jacek.  So, after play date I dropped him off at school and continued home to put Aidan down for nap.

Once he was napping, I put dinner in the crock pot, warmed some chicken tenders for lunch and tried to relax but my head was still getting the best of me.  I instead watched absolutely *smucking* ridiculous TV. I haven't watched daytime TV in a really long time.  I think I've been afraid to, not wanting to become a statistic of stay at home mothers watching day time soaps and trash talk TV.  Oh, and eating bon bons.  There's so many of "us" that do that.  
I watched almost an hour of some infomercial on a freakin juicer.  It was like a horrific accident on the highway.  I couldn't look away. 
Then I watched some poor *smuck* walk away with a whopping $5 in his case on "Deal, or No Deal".  The poor guy was so excited at one point in saying "No Deal", he broke the cover right off the deal button.  *Smucking* a$$hole.

Sometime between 2 and 2:15, which is when I need to leave to go and get Jacek from school, I decided it would be great to EAT every single last peanut butter cup in the stinkin plastic Candy Cane thingy that the boys got for Christmas.  I ate them like there was no tomorrow.  Then I felt sick.  Well, DUH!  Apparently I like to make myself really work for my goals.  I just can't wait to get my fat a$$ into my sweats and start running in March.  Who am I kidding?  I'll be walking and dragging my fat A$$...not running!

Later, I was upstairs playing with the boys and their train table.  Aidan thought it would be fun to hit Mommy's head with a train.  Earlier at play date one little boy (name withheld for he is a minor ;o)) decided it would be fun to throw a block at my head.  It's like my migraine attracts flying and flailing objects.  Both objects *smucking* hurt.  (It's ok Candace, I'm just poking fun)

So, here I sit.  I realized today that I need to get more pictures in my blogs.  I took my camera with me today.  It sat on the table during play group.  Now I think it's sitting on my stove.  Boooooo to me.  I get a big fat F for effort today.  I *smucking* suck.

When I have my migraines I always feel so cloudy.  It's like all the nerve endings in my brain are all firing at once.  Yesterday I tried to sign up to be part of a clinical research for migraines.  I didn't qualify because I have migraines with aurora, which means mine occur with visual disturbances.  Lucky me.  I'm on a waiting list...to be researched.

Anyways...out of all this crap that happened today I think I realized something.





*Smucking* Migraines!


Debbie (mother in law) said...

Nice blog about migraines,I have a similiar problem at times but mine are caused from my neck problem.For me they wipe me out and mine generally last at least 3 days. Fun Wow..so I can relate to this and your right you can't think clearly. But you said it all and made it a fun blog to read.Kudos to a great blog today

Kerri said...

Yeah, I was trying to be funny because I really felt like crap. Mine normally only last a day but I feel like I'm in a fog for a few days after. Thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

Migraines are a real curse and I was a sufferer long before the world started taking notice of the ailment and now there are so many meds out there to help, but frankly, they don't do a thing to alleviate the hell you endure. The good news is that I suffered from about 8 or 9 and when I reached menopause, TaDa. Sound the trumpets and all that jazz. No more migraines. Mine were classic and I loved my ice bag, a quiet room and pitch dark. Or course when you're a mommy, those are hard to attain most of the time. Hang in there, it will get better. One other note, I could not take the birth control pill at all, made my life w/migraines a horror story. When they were over, it was like being reborn, everything would seem so new and wonderful. Hmmmm?? That's interesting as I read what I typed. LOL I took fiorinal for mine and though it never took away the pain, it allowed me to cope. Bless your heart, sounds like you manage to do the same. PS they run in the family, your great grandmother Kelly had them also.

Kerri said...

Yep, it's on my list....work on migraines.
First I have to find a doctor...I've been putting it off.
The last time I was looked at for my migraines was back in 2004 or 2005.

It wasn't fun but I do know I need to get something better then over the counter stuff.