Monday, January 4, 2010

"With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine."

Darren went back to work today.  And so did I, I suppose.  It wasn't long before the boys and I were back into our normal Monday routine of shuffling laundry up and down, dish washing, toy arranging, paper organizing and today we threw, Christmas UN-decorating, in the mix...ya know, to keep things interesting!  I just remembered we made a quick grocery store run too.  It's amazing how full our days can be.


It's been so cold.  I've had this chill I can't shake.  I bundle up in 5 different layers, big knit socks AND slippers and I'm still "not quite warm".  We have two major cold spots in our house that we need to nip in the bud one of these years.  You can feel the air when you stand in the spots, and it's not a draft it's a BREEZE


I finished up my un-decorating after dinner while Darren took the boys up to the playroom for a little bit.  Every year, while un-decorating I miss something and I find it days after I've shoved and stuffed our storage area with every Christmas tote I have.  Every year I try to find the hiding pieces.  Tonight was no different.  I walked from room to room, looking high, low, under, over...and I thought I got every last single Christmas item.  But I am clearly mistaken because I sit, in the living room as I write this, and directly in front of me, in all it's red Christmas Christmasness is my fake poinsettia.  HAHA!!!  I FOUND YOU BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!  I WILL SHOVE YOU IN A TOTE TOMORROW!  Unless I forget. Which I probably will.

The boys, including Darren got really cranky at about 7:53pm.  Jacek kept saying "I'm so tired Mommy, so so tired." and "I'm hungry still".  That kid ate fruit chews and animal crackers after nap, a cheese slice when we got back from the grocery store, half a cheeseburger, fries, and a pickle for dinner, two cookies for snack, raisins, and then another half a hamburger because he could.  Apparently, he'll be 5 foot tall when he wakes up tomorrow with a full beard.  "For crying out loud I need to go buy more groceries."

Aidan went to bed sporting an old scratch on his forehead from his brother grinding his face into the zipper on the couch cushion "accidentally" a few nights ago, a brush burned nose from his brother "accidentally" riding his head, with his face down, into the playroom's berber carpet, and a black and blue bruise on his right cheek that he got right before bed when his brother tripped over his feet at the bottom of the stairwell and slammed his face into the bottom step, on "accident".   We gave him kisses and greased his face in A&D goop.  Hopefully, he won't look like a cage fighter tomorrow morning. 

If he does, it will be painfully obvious who the winner of the fight was as he stands next to his 5 foot not even 4 year old BEARDED brother, who just happens to be holding a hamburger in each of his hands.

Dang, it's cold.

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PolishPrince said...

lol, I keep picturing little JJ with a beard standing at the end of the stairs smiling his big 'ole smile!...good blog honey! Oh, the beard I see is actually very bushy and almost bigger than his face, lol.