Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 1/6/2010...with a few words.

I love to read to my boys.
What I love even more is holding or sitting close to them
as they get read to.
That way, I get to enjoy the snuggles and the story too.

Rarely is a moment like this caught.
Mainly because we don't have a camera crew following us around.
The librarian took this during story time one morning.

 This, I love this!


4 Lettre Words said...

Such a sweet capture!

Kristi said...

Thanks for visiting today. My sons are 5 and 7 and even though they can read, they still both take every opportunity to snuggle up next to me and have me read to them. I hope it lasts for a lot of years to come.

Kristi said...
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PolishPrince said...

Great pic of my book worms!!! :)