Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Share

I've gotten away from the more personal aspect of blogging and friends and family have mentioned they would like more "inside information".  I am happy to oblige.  Who doesn't like to talk about themselves?"  Well, I don't actually but I will do it for the greater good and to keep true to my "honest writing" journey.Today is Saturday Share.  A post about us, what we've been up to and pictures.  Everyone loves pictures, right?  (I hear the crowd going wild!)

On Friday we took the boys to their well visits. 

Jacek weighs 37 lbs and is 41 1/2" tall

Aidan weighs 26lbs and is 34" tall

Both boys are tall for their ages, having both grown about 3 inches since last check ups.

Jacek had to get a anemia finger prick, an ear and eye test and pee in a cup.  He was nervous but he didn't cry.

Aidan only had to get one shot.  He screamed and about knocked the nurse out.  "Wow, he's strong."  she says.  Yeah strong like bull.


Jacek likes to dress up in costumes.  
On Thursday morning he was Billy Basketball player, sporting a new red tank top and blue basketball shorts while running around the house.  I called to him at one point, calling him Jacek only to be scolded for incorrectly addressing him.  "I am Billy so call me BILLY!"

He is often a fireman paired with Super Why glasses(the photo above is sans super why glasses).  He's in love with Rescue heroes, hero figurines made popular by a TV show from the early 90's.  Our antenna picks up a few Canadian channels, Qubo being one of them.  Rescue Heroes is on at 4pm during the week and he watches and recreates the scenes with Billy Blazes, Jake Justice, Hel E. Copter, Rocky Canyon, etc.  For his birthday I scored a heck of deal on Craigslist and purchased a huge LOT of rescue heroes and their command center for $20.    He is quite a happy boy.  

Aidan is plowing through this house.  He's into everything and talking up a storm (although it sounds like Chinese at times). 
He loves music and rocks out in his car seat when Mommy plays the radio in the van really loud.  The louder the better.  I know, I know, not exactly the best way to teach him safety while driving but I can't resist those chubby little legs be-bopping in the backseat.
He adores his big brother and tends to listen to him more then to Mommy or Daddy.  He copies pretty much everything he sees him do.  The picture above is after his big brother "convinced" him to dress up as Bob The Builder.  Does he look happy?  No?  But he still dressed up.  All in the name of pleasing his big brother.

He still doesn't call me Mommy.  The other day he kept calling me BeePee.  Yeah, it was cute so I kept responding.   I'm an enabler.

Darren had not been feeling well for about a month so he finally drug (dragged?) his be-hind to the doctors. He was diagnosed with pneumonia.  He's been on antibiotics all week and is starting to feel better. 
He recently applied to Brockport State College to complete his bachelors degree in Sociology. He's awaiting word from them.
He's been busying himself playing basketball twice a week, running, working out and well, working at work and spending as much time with us as he can find.  March always seems so busy here.  
*Side Note* Darren is not a fireman but when we toured the town's fire department they let him dress up in a full set of their gear.  I was hoping (fingers crossed behind my back and everything) that they'd let him take all that gear home with him.  You know, so we could play "Fireman, Fireman, show me your hose" Sorry I got carried away on that one.

I have been busy trying to get the house uncluttered and reorganized.  It actually looks like I haven't done anything all week. Rescue Heroes are everywhere.  When do I get rescued?
I had my "first beer outside" of 2010 on Wednesday with my sister.  It was around 60 and amazingly sunny and beautiful! Beer tastes extra yummy on days like that.

I am fretting over my approaching dentist appointment next Thursday.  I am getting a wisdom tooth pulled. My first ever tooth pulling experience.  I have an unhealthy fear and immense disgust towards teeth and anything relating to teeth.  
I used to have dreams that all my teeth would just fall out.  I cringe anytime anyone mentions they had dental work done.  Why do so many people want to show you their fillings, or missing teeth or disgusting things having to do with teeth?  {{Shudder, Shudder}}

We still have no resolution on our loan modification on our current mortgage.  We received and returned a whole crap load of paperwork at the beginning of March.  We were told we'd hear something back within 10 days.  We didn't.  I am not surprised.
Somebody really should call them.  (that's just a gentle nudge for my husband)
And that what we've been up to.  Exciting and not so exciting all rolled into US.

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Lee Ann said...

Just wanted to say Hi and send you some hugs for your upcoming dental work. I have this real fear of the dentist and so I can sympathise with you. Good luck, hope it is quick and painless.

Your boys are adorable! xx

Mom(Marsh) said...

Now this is what I'm talking about these kinds of posts. Great job,of course I always love hearing about the grandkids and how you and Darren are doing. These kinds just hold my interest like whats the next line going to say. Good luck at the dentist next week Great job keep it up.

Charlene said...

My five year old is ALWAYS dressed up in some costume or another. (His nickname is Spidey since that was a fave for so long.)

I think I may start to take his lead. LOL! Might get some looks in the grocery story with my super hero cape and tiara! Heehee!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
(The Balance Beam)

singedwingangel said...

oohhh I hate dentists as well. Your boys are adorable and ahem I am married to a man that was a firefighter for 15 years.. not safe for my presence in the vicinity of bunker gear or firemen after a run... it does things to me ... ahem moving on..

Danielle said...

Love getting to know your family and I love that you respond to your 'name' regardless of how it comes out of your little one's mouth that is a great mom:)

Everyday Kathy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! It is nice to meet you! Darling boys! Yes I think a Fireman's suit would be very nice.... I'll be back!
Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

Oh, and I have a giveaway too if you are interested!
Everyday Bliss Giveaway Details Here

Mrs4444 said...

I feel for you on the tooth extraction!!Sending you good vibes for that :)

Three inches?! WOW!

You're a very naughty girl!! (He does look pretty hot in that uniform, haha.)

Off to throw my hat into the giveaway ring!:)

erica said...

it's funny.. what seems not so exciting to you, sounds just so fun and busy to me.. you guys are go go go and spend so much time together, doing family type stuff.. fun stuff.. i'd like to take a chapter outta that book.. =)