Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Share

Today is Saturday Share.
A weekly post about us, what we've been up and pictures
to fill in the blanks.
(Saturday Share tends be a fairly long post...sit back and enjoy)

Last Saturday after I got home from work the four of us went out to our backyard.
Yep! That's a rocket. Jacek got that for Daddy for Christmas. It was chilly out and WINDY but yeah
Boys will be Boys.
This was the calm before the chaos.

(A video was supposed to be here but it wouldn't load..well it may have if I had like 3 hours to sit and wait for it.)

The video is pretty funny. When the rocket launches all you hear is Jacek squealing in delight and then laughing so hard.
The rocket went up and up and up...and Darren screamed
"There it is, do you see it? See it! There it is"
and then you hear me screaming in a high pitched voice
"Where?!? I can't see it. Where is it?!?"
I never caught sight of it and I still kinda don't believe that Darren actually tracked it.
Eventually he did lose sight of it. We searched for the rocket for a little while but it was too chilly so we went inside. The next day my niece and her friend found the rocket about a 1/4 mile away near a pond still intact.
It was a successful launch!

Jacek has been a real spit fire lately. He's been very defiant when it comes to doing what he is told. He says No and stomps his foot. He huffs. He whines. He's 4.
We're working with him. I'm trying to find ways to give him sense of control because I know it works with him. The more he feels he's in charge of the more controlled his behavior is.
He came home from school on Thursday in the best mood. He'd had an Easter party and he was so excited. I tried to soak up every minute. It's so fun to see him just loving life.
I was looking at a picture of him that was taken in September on his first day of school. I can't believe how much his face has changed. Much less a little much more a little man.

Aidan has been calling me BaaPee this week.
He's been hitting his head a lot. He's in the stage where he doesn't quite grasp he's his own little person. He walks into cupboard doors, walls, floors, cabinets, yeah pretty much everything.
He goes into complete screaming fits the minute I a
sk "Aidan, do you have a poopy diaper?" He RUNS in the opposite direction. When I catch him and attempt to carry him to the bathroom he starts kicking and screaming. This continues as I try to wipe the poop off of his butt, which is very difficult when the child won't stay still.
Even after he's in a clean diaper and in his pants again he will continue to scream and cry. Yesterday he carried on for so long that I ended up having a break down. I started crying. What a mess!Darren is feeling better. Healthier anyways. He's quite defeated that his beloved college basketball team, Syracuse, did not win Thursday nights game. Even with my headphones in I could hear him screaming at the television. Well, let's be honest here shall we. It's kind of hard to miss a 6'1 man waving a green dish towel over his head. He puts on quite a show. He even managed to smack himself in the face with it once. Of course, he'll probably deny it if you asked him about it but you heard it here folks.

He came home last night with his pupils dilated. He had an eye appointment after work. Jacek couldn't look at him, he kept covering his face every time Darren would take off the sunglasses. He looked pretty freaky. But everything looks good with his eyes. 

The pneumonia appears to be gone but he says he still feels like there's something left...but do you think he'll call the doctor? I am doing okay. I won't lie and say everything with me is great. It's not. I'm still feeling down about the dentist, about my anxiety issue and about other things. I called a doctor yesterday to get in for a physical and an exam. I was told to call back on Monday. I called the dentist to talk to him about my options. He actually stepped away from a patient to take my call. I really like him. He has a very deep voice and it's soothing. Feeling comfortable with him should help my anxiety. He scheduled me again for April 16th. He figures by then I'll either have a primary doctor who has prescribed me with anxiety medication or he will administer Ativan and see how that affects my blood pressure.

I hate that I will most likely have to take medication but I think I need to. The more I think about how high my blood pressure actually got I get a little more scared. I won't go into that on this post but yeah, I get scared.
I told my Mom, I'm a work in progress. Since turning 30 and having my two boys there's an ever present NEED that wasn't there before. Every day I try to take a step in the right direction. It's not always possible but I haven't given up and I don't plan to....

And that is what we've been up to. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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singedwingangel said...

Aww here's hoping you all feel better soon. Your boys are so cute..

Elizabeth Patch said...

Good morning and Happy Saturday Sharefest! I once had 2 little boys(now very big boys!)...and sure do miss the fun!

Sheri Carpetenter said...

stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great weekend.

The Cookie Girl said...

Stopping by to say Happy SITS saturday sharefest. Woo! A mouthful

Love your post on what you've been up to and your 3 boys are gorgeous! :)
I hope you are feeling better soon.

Daisygirl said...

Your family is just the cutest ever! I laughed at your poop story because that is me everyday right now trying to get the 2 year old trained...he won't poop on the pot!

Your rocket adventure sounds fun, I bet it was hysterical!
Have a great weekend! Don't think about the dentist!

Beth said...

So will the rocket live to fly again since it was found intact?

Your boys are adorable! Keep reminding yourself that the screaming will not last forever!

Hope you can get your blood pressure under control. That can be pretty scary. I've been fighting with mine for a while now though we seem to be on the right track at this point.

Adrienne said...

I hope everyone gets all better ...kiddos can be such a handful somedays ...I ahve had some momma breakdown moments happy Saturday

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Oh so much to say... Sarah was the same with her diaper changes. She would kick and scream and I could not do it. Then I gave her a lollipop just for the changing table - I know it is sanitary, isn't it?

It helped and now all is good.

My husband will never call the doc until I tell him how sad I will be when he dies... then he calls.

Isn't ativan strong and potent? My mom has to take a valium that her doc prescribed for the dentist. It really helps - she is crazy fun on that stuff. She gets a pill for each trip.

erica said...

you know, that's so weird.. garrett will NOT poop in his pull up.. but he will pee in it.. he's 3 and i feel he should be potty trained by now.. he's doing much better especially with the candy jar at hand for every time he goes on the potty he comes in and grabs 1 2 3 "nem nems".. this seems to be working, but then again he tends to be very lazy.. the fits and defiance i'm thinking must be a boy thing.. didn't go through it with myleigh.. going through it with garrett. i agree you have to let them think it's their idea.. you should see me trying to get garrett to eat dinner, i have to tell him not to eat MY food, then he'll eat it.. i know you don't like the idea of meds, but sometimes it helps and as you get a grasp on things, you go start to wean yourself off it..
i can sooo picture darren going crazy at the tv.. i've got one of my own that almost flung my son off his lap watching football yelling at the tv.. men are just so much fun aren't they.. lmao.. i hope everything goes well with your next appt and i hope whatever the dr does for you helps.. ;)