Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank You, You're Awesome, Whoop Whoop Giveaway

 March 5th was a beautiful day wasn't it?

That was the day I was able to cross something of my life list.

Now, I know it's just a number.

But it made me pee in my pants a little bit.

50 of YOU were following ME.

To be exact I reached and then exceeded 50 followers.

Now there's 82 85 of you.

It's time for a "THANK YOU, YOU'RE AWESOME"


Here's The Goods I'm Giving Away To ONE of YOU 
Lucky Followers:
Quilt of Love. Kneeded Angel.
This pretty key chain.

A $5 gift card to Target.
(actual card looks different)

I know I know, I'm awesome right?  
Yeah, yeah...right back 'atcha

 Here's how you can enter:
(please leave a separate comment for each entry)

1.)  Be a follower or become a follower  (1 entry)

2.)  Tell me why you chose to follow me (1 entry)

3.)  Look through my archived posts and pick one you really enjoyed.  Tell me why you enjoyed it. (2 entries)

4.) Refer a friend.  
Make sure they let me know you sent them. (2 entries)

5.) Include a link to this giveaway in your blog post. (3 entries)

Giveaway ends Wednesday, March  31st at 11:59pm EST.

All my followers deserve the opportunity to win something!! So, this giveaway is open internationally.

Please, please make sure I have a way to get a hold of you should you win.  A great way to assure this is by having your email visible on your profile.  That way when you leave a comment I can reply directly to you at your email.

Seriously, thanks for following me around and stalking me and stuff
You Rock.


singedwingangel said...

I am so glad for you hun, IT is an awe3some feeling isn't it.. I was floored when I hit 50 and now I am over 100..

Kel said...

Good Job on reaching 85 followers! Almost to 100! So glad that I can be one of them!

Kel said...

I started following because the blog title and template caught my eye. I also like your about me section. I enjoy reading about how other people solve their obstacles so that I can possibly find some answers to my own.

Kel said...

I liked your Beginning post because it is exactly why i started blogging. I feel us women tend to lose ourselves sometimes and it's great to have something all our own.

Kel said...

#2 I liked your Beginning post because it is exactly why i started blogging. I feel us women tend to lose ourselves sometimes and it's great to have something all our own.

erica said...

check you out.. 85 followers.. i'll whoop whoop to that.. the number's only going to keep growing.. congrats to you..

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I could enter in every way possible, but I'm only going to enter once :) I follow you because reading your blog makes me happy!

I added your giveaway to Our Mommyhood!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Daisygirl said...

woohooo! I saw 86! I follow your your creativity with things!

Kristen said...

I think it's up to 87 followers sure I could do it. Lots of responsibility making peeps happy..props and HOLLA!!

I'm a follower...heehee...and I follow you 'cause you threatened bodily harm if I didn't...umm, hmmm, no I follow 'cause I love you.

I liked those not me Mondays, you should bring those back from time to time...just sayin'

Kiera said...

! I follow you! congrats on now having NINETY follower!

Kiera said...

I follow you because you follow me and theres ALWAYS new york lovin around here. I still have to read through your posts!

erica said...

btw.. i got my book in the mail yesterday.. i read it.. made carl lee read it.. we talked and we're going to start doing that with myleigh.. 5 dollars a week, but she has to earn it.. $2 for savings, $2 for spending and $1 for charity.. she kinda already has this going but i think that it would be good for her to be able to "see" it and know how good she's doing.. i also thought that i should let you know that i sent the book into school with myleigh and her teacher asked to borrow it and i think she's going to share it with her class.. they've been working on coins and monetary value so i think that this book will tie in nicely.. i'm so glad i won, that book was perfect.. i may also start the "three cup" program with carl lee and myself.. lord knows we need some help in the savings department..

PolishPrince said...

I choose to follow you due to marital obligations, lol. Oh, and because you're da bomb!

MoM(Marsh) said...

Wow, I just looked at how many followers you have and I just looked the other day and I think it was 85 and now I look and its 95well WHOOP WHOOP Congrats on all the people that are following you.

MoM(Marsh) said...

Why I became a follower, well if this is important to you then its important to me and I really enjoy reading them.

Mom(Marsh) said...

This is hard to pick one that is my favorite I love all of them so much. But to pick one I guess your post on March 14th and the look on Jacek's face holding that water hose he looked so happy, and excited.