Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comment-Love Letters

I think I speak for most "bloggers" when I say receiving comments on blog posts is one of the things that keeps us going.  We're in search of others that will laugh with us, share with us, relate with us.  When I receive comments I'm reminded that I'm not only doing this "blogging" thing for me.  I have readers.  YOU!!
I wanted my readers and those that leave comments to GET that I appreciate it, that it makes my day and it makes Kerri's Klutter my home inside this computer.

For you, I created
A fun and hilarious way to show off the comment love received on the previous weeks posts.
All week while receiving comments to my posts I copy and paste each one into a word document, removing any spaces between the comments.  On Sunday I start to cut and paste the comments together to make a letter or as close as I can get to a letter.  I try really hard not to read through the whole thing until I'm completely done.  The end result is pretty funny.

Welcome to Comment-Love Letters:

Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

Love your blog! Had to stop by when you said it would be 68F today where you are and say it is going to be 80F here, just a week after we had six inches of snow and 38F with arctic chill factor winds.  Checking the weather is a great idea.  It will all be OK.  I am a follower! 

I'm glad to hear you had a great time!  My dog used to like car rides, until she realized that we were going to the vet. I went through a lot of paper towels on those days. Who knew that a 40-pound dog could, er, eliminate so much?  What's with the monkey balls?   It's definitely SO important to get that checked out. Ya know I was thinking maybe they could prescribe you something...when my hubby had the nut cut he took a "chill pill" of sorts and it took away the anxieties. Glad you're getting it checked out...good luck!!

People of walmart is such a funny website... All I could imagine is a person walking into a field with really tall grass. You totally disappear. Then, after minutes, everybody is tense in the car, until a small hand with the rocket can be seen over the tall grass. Everyone erupts in applause! This brought tears to my eyes. I hope that you can get answers. Thanks for pouring your heart out.

You had some great material to work with this week!  I am thinking I am going to do this with my daughter, it would be fun for her. Anyone who dresses like that is doing so for attention!  We have an entire closet devoted to games. We love them all - games of chance, skill, cooperative games, you name it!  I do believe you are correct- that THEY will always matter the most.  I want to grow old with my kiddoz too, thats my dream!  

I love karaoke! My brother and I can sing 'til the wee hours of the morning. Too bad he doesn't live next door.  I have dreams about one day singing Goodbye Earl on stage- then I'd like to kick the asses of abusers- maybe we could be a team.  I am so going to join ya today I just have to get mine together!!! I'll be back I promise. Karaoke is always fun!!!

I'm glad you got some answers and had some fun!  High blood pressure apparently runs in my family. Luckily, I haven't shown symptoms yet, but my father says it's only a matter of time. You kind of have to look at it this way though.... Which is better, taking a pill and being healthy? Or not.... I'm glad that medication can help and really why are you thinking in terms of the rest of your life. Focus on right now. All you have is now.  Keep your courage! Good luck and good for you for getting it checked. Health problems haunt my brain constantly......I am well overdue!

Yay for date nights, family fun, and awesome big brothers! Have a wonderful weekend!


Your Biggest Fan

This blog post was made possible by 
"comment-love leavers" like YOU! 

Did you spot your comment?  
Wanna join in on the fun?
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Pull your comments from last week and put them together to form some sort of "sense."  (Using "sense" real lightly here! )   
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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Here's a comment for you-- you are a winner... a WINNER!!! You won the first birthday giveaway on my blog (the earrings)! Congrats! Email me so I can get your shipping info!


Ian said...

All great comments. How come you didn't select my comment about me paying you off to be my blog follower?

Oh whoops...maybe that was over email ;)

Daisygirl said...

I saw me!!! Again with Monkey Balls this week...and now I just said monkey balls again! haha!

Adrienne said...

Congrats on being the winner at Confessions from a working mom =) Also I like this one and I plan on doing it again!

Shell said...

These always crack me up!

Bridgette said...

This was seriously hilarious! Awesome idea. :)

Together We Save said...

Wow - you have some great comments here.

EL said...

i love this! best idea ever! haha its a super fun way to acknowledge those comments i'm so glad i found your blog =) have a great week.

p.s. my word verifaction word right now is "fatties"...what are they trying to say...

Unknown Mami said...

You put the fun in FUNNER!