Tuesday, November 3, 2009

30 Posts In 30 Days

Some days I really feel like I live under a rock or at the very least in a dark dark cave.  How could I have not EVER heard about this 30 Posts in 30 Days being a NATIONAL thing!!  Where have I been?  I am now even more motivated and excited to be doing this.  The simple fact that there are tons of other people working on their writing, sharing a common goal: to spit out post after post after post.  How cool is that? 

I've learned that I shy away from blogging even though I always want to blog. When I blog I want it to be honest and honestly that isn’t as easy as I thought it’d be.
I find myself writing, pulling from personal experiences, often involving those closest to me and then the worry sets in.
Will something I write cause friction in my relationships?
I don’t want it to and that worry hurts my writing or at least it compromises my want to write.
The best blogs I’ve read are ones where the writer pulls from personal experience. Those are the ones I relate to. Those are the ones I return to.
I want one of those blogs! I do, I do, I do.
I have found that I lose ambition if I have to hold back and that applies to many things besides writing as well. When I have to put something in I’d rather put all of it in.

I’m almost positive this is why my blogs ALWAYS peter out. (funny side note – I had to spell check peter out because I’ve always thought it was spelled peeter)


Have I scared everyone off? I bet everyone I know that reads this is thinking, “oh boy, here we go!”

My blog disclosure:

I am not writing to hurt anyone’s feelings, damage relationships or to "call anyone out".  With that said, this is MY blog, my journal and I’m going to use it as a source of “free therapy”. I am going to be open, honest and write from personal experience.
Your comments, shared thoughts and ideas will help me. I understand it’s easy to lurk, come to read and leave, but I need your support because I really want to do this.

Help me to open up. Help me write from my heart.  Help me strive to be a more honest writer.

So, I ask everyone that reads my blog to please at least leave one comment per blog, even just a hello so I know I have some support.  A few of you have sent emails to klynnski8@gmail.com and that is great as well.  Questions are welcome too.

I really, really appreciate it.


OneThingReal said...

Dear one, there are several personal barriers to creativity easily overcome once we recognize their existence.

First; that nasty lack of confidence niggling at us as we begin any creative endeavour. The cure; I CAN, I WILL, I AM.

Second; Fear. For the writer, fear most hampers the yearning for honesty of monologue/dialogue. There is a huge difference between rigorous and brutal honesty. Be rigorous and any fall-out belongs to the reader. Be brutal and the blame lies with you.

Thirdly; Over Thinking. Never dwell on the result of your writing - focus on the pond, let God manage the ripple.

Lastly; Ruts. When you start to go numb for ideas - doodle, watch the leaves, rain, snow, or play w/ the boys (I leave other more adult-themed ideas to your own devising ;-))

My discourse on hurdles now ended, I rest eagerly awaiting the heart of dear Kerri to shine.

Shauna said...

I'm a sucker for blogs that are from real people, where you can relate to all the ups and downs of everyday life. I think you will do just fine!

I'll try to comment and not just lurk. That should be a national campaign as well.

Kerri said...

Thank you, Thank you for your support! I think I'm doing great so far...posting twice in one day even...go me!

Bobbi said...

Last year I started going through a lot, including but not limited to, trying to find myself just like you are, being pre-cancer for cervical cancer, and going to therapy because my genetics say I have natural drugs in my brain that lead to depression. WELL, part of my therapy was to start journalling. It helped Sooooooo much and I always thought of you Kerri because you are a fabulous writter, poet, and very brave.
I am so proud that you are blogging and if you are not honest and real then I will be disappointed.
I give you permission to say what ever you want about our shared experiences.
Love you!

Kerri said...

Thank you Bobbi. LYLAS!! I always think of you too....in everyday situations I hear you...you are always apart of my conscience.