Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thinking about Candace

I have a new friend, I've known her since early spring but I think we have a pretty good thing going for us.  She's become an instant friend and has become a constant in the boys and I's plans almost every week. 

Her name is Candace and Candace is hurting. 

To quote her own words "My dad is in critical condition in Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. He collapsed in his hotel room Sunday night and was transported to the hospital. His heart (he's had a heart condition his entire life) was not beating right for five days prior. He has been on medication for this for a long time. His vital organs are all fine, as is his heart, but he may have been without oxygen for too long. He's in a non-responsive coma and they're doing brain scans to see if there's any brain activity.  Please pray and/or talk to whoever each of you talk to in times like these. We're all hoping for a miracle."

I am reaching out to anyone who may read this.  Please keep Candace, her Dad and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

I've been distracted and worried thinking about her and thinking how fast everything you know can just all of sudden be so different.

I'm so sad that she has to deal with this.  It sucks, it really just sucks.


OneThingReal said...

The mortality of loved ones so often comes as a terrible shock in our youth. We're so familiar with the vim and vigor of health that we expect, despite all signs to the contrary, our loved ones to be sturdy and solid forever.

Sure, and the onset of illness and incapacitation causes heartache and grief, but maybe, just maybe, its God's way of reminding us to love with all our hearts and never take a loving moment for granted. Prayers for Candace and her family.

Kimberly said...

I am so sorry that your friend, Candace is going through such an emotionally tough time. In some ways I feel, that we, as Dad's daughters, can relate to the feelings that she must be struggling with...the "waiting and not knowing" are so overwhelming...and there never seems to be the right words to say...May Candace and her family be blessed with the miracle that they are hoping for... my thoughts are with them. When a "true friend hurts, we hurt with them, and may you be blessed Kerri with the strength to support Candace through her difficult time...

Kerri said...

Thank you both for your support of Candace. Sadly, her Dad has not gotten any better. I am dreading the news that life support was removed.
I too hope that I can be the friend she needs me to be.

Candace said...

THANK YOU. Thank you to my new friend Kerri for thinking about me and my family and for posting about it and for taking care of my kitties and house while we were gone. You are a wonderful friend and I'm VERY lucky to have you in my life. And I'll certainly be calling on you for support.