Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday 11/23/2009

To see what everyone else is not doing head on over to Mckmama's blog. 
comment me with what you haven't been up to.

I did not almost decide to not write a Not Me post.  I did not start thinking that maybe I should post something different.  I did not think that coming up with a few things for the post would be difficult.  I did not go against my better judgment and post one anyway.

I did not miss my CROCKPOT when I was away visiting Bobbi. 

I did not leave Jacek's bedroom after building the most AWESOMENIST tent/fort ever to be called back in after only 2 minutes by a screaming crying 3 year old because his little brother had already destroyed said tent.  I did not raise my voice over the screaming child in order to say "Naughty Aidan".  I did not point my finger at Aidan and shake my hand up and down and say "No No". 

I did not have to empty the canister of my vacuum cleaner twice while cleaning up the house this morning.  I did not find a huge furr ball in Aidan's wet hand.  I did not gag while cleaning it off.

I did not let Jacek out of his bedroom before 8:00 this morning because I couldn't wait to eat donut holes and talk with him.

I did not avoid most of my to-do list so far today.

And lastly:

While I was in Virginia I most definately DID NOT take a photograph of Bobbi wearing every single scarf that she owns.  Nope, not me!

See, I have not been up to much.  Have you?


Bobbi said...

I did not pose for that picture because I am a big ham and love attention.
I did not take a extra half an hour at lunch to walk around Michaels Craft Store.
I did not eat the bag of chips that came with the sandwich I bought for lunch today.

Wow, that feels good.

Jenilee said...

my 3 year old is always tearing down the older girls tents too. remaking tents is a never ending job! :)

Kristen said...

I did not laugh out loud when I read my sister peed on herself.

I did not have multiple panic attacks while trying to organize and plan seating for 17 people at our Thanksgiving.

I did not quietly laugh when my hubby lovingly came forth with two beers he forgot in the freezer and when he opened his it foamed out and he was slurping it over a garbage pail.

And I most certainly did not peek out my windows to get a glimpse of my nephews while Kerri was away. (We are neighbors, but even still, I did not do that!)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Stopping by from MckMama's!

I love the scarf picture... then again, I love scarves. I wish I had as many as your friend!


unionretired said...

I did not smile or chuckle as I read your blog(s)because you make
everything sound so familiar and heart-warming. I did not let all your uncles know about your blog and insist they give it a look-see!

I did not remember how much I love my brother and his ladies.