Sunday, November 22, 2009

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it. -- George Moore

Jacek came running to me when he saw me in the airport.  Aidan waddled after him.  Jacek wasn't smiling.  He looked determined to get to me and to make me stay and never go away again.  His expression brought me to tears.  When he reached me we hugged, I heard him sigh and after a few moments he pulled away and went and hid behind Darren.  I focused my attention on Aidan and Darren giving Jacek some space. 

Walking next to Darren, Jacek pulled my luggage and I carried Aidan as we left the airport.

Arriving home where things are familiar, to a home that is as much mine as it is my husbands and my sons, to where my family lives, laughs and loves I realized how tired I was.

After we ate lunch and played with toys I had brought home for the boys I took them up for their naps.  Jacek hugged me tight and said he hadn't wanted to hug me anymore at the airport because I was hot and my face was wet.  But he was happy to hug me now, because my cheeks were cool and my nose wasn't sniffy.

My house is often loud.  My floors are often littered with toys.  My cabinets and shelves are often dusty.  My patience is sometimes short.  My voice is sometimes raised.

I began this day waking up in Bobbi's guest room in Virginia.  I end this day EXHAUSTED with my skin once again smelling sweet, like the boys and my husband.  I end this day with my heart fitting in that last spot on the puzzle board which completes our family and makes us whole again.

My heart is full.  My life is sweet.  My soul complete.


Bobbi said...

This post almost sounds like a poem. I like it, really makes me feel what you are feeling.

PolishPrince said...