Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

It's a late post for me.  I've been really good at getting my blogs either completely written, half way written or at least formed in my mind before the "day of" actually arrives.

Not today but that's ok because I've really got a different outlook on this blogging everyday thing this time around and don't really feel pressured to pour out the thoughts.

Tonight, I don't really have an entire thought to blog about. I have so much going on that I just have some morsels of thought.  I'll just write them as they come to me.

I went out tonight to get my hair trimmed and to stop at Walmart.  It should have been a quick trip but apparently I can't make a quick trip. Normally I blame it on the boys but the common denominator here is me.  I ended up going to 7 different stores in search of brown boots and black shoes for my trip to Richmond, VA.  It just sounds like it should have been an easy thing doesn't it?  Well, it wasn't.  Oh, did I get brown boots and black shoes?  Nope, Nadda, No Go.  More room in my carry-on I guess.

I went to Target and tried on at least 13 hats.  Yes, yes...I was looking for boots so quit your finger pointing.  None of the hats looked even kinda ok on my head and I consider myself to be a hat person.  Pretty much all of them made me look like I had an gigantic head.   Even the one in the picture here.  It's called a conductor's hat.  It's cute, right?  Looked great hanging on the hook on the rack.  Not so much on my small head.  I guess conductors have big brains.  Or something. 

Darren believes he had the swine flu.  I'm still skeptical but nonetheless him being so ill made me obsessive about washing my hands, squirting the hand sanitizer, keeping my fingers out of my eyes and noes and mouth.  But I seriously have discovered that I have a disorder.  Being so obsessive about staying healthy has given me clarity.  Now I know I'm a crazy person.  Well, that's not true....I've always known that but that's beside the point.  What I've discovered is that I can not keep my hands and my fingers off of my face, out of my hair, out of my ears, my mouth and yes, I know it's gross but out of my nose.  Even typing this I just realized I had my one hand to my mouth as I paused for a second to watch TV and then just scratched my forehead.   I googled it but all I found were chronic itching and skin picking (psychogenic excoriation) where the person does it till they bleed for a sense of relief.  But maybe it's related somehow to my anxiety because I noticed I seem to do it more so when I'm in public.  Great, another thing for me to worry about while around other people.  Like I need anymore reason to shy away from going out.

My title tonight is Tuesday Tidbits but according to http://www.thefreedictionary.com/titbit, tidbit should be spelled titbit.  Seriously?  Because that just looks wrong to me.  And see, blogger is telling me that titbit needs to be spellchecked, so who's right?   How strange.  Stranger then me picking and scratching my face and eyes, and ears and nose....probably not but still.

and here is my last titbit.

I got an email from Bobbi yesterday.  She is who, or is that whom, I am going to visit in Richmond, VA.  I grew up with Bobbi.  I've known her for 25 years.  We are both very excited about my visit and she wrote a mock up plan for us for when I'm there.  For Friday she wrote: "I would like to go visit the Capitol in downtown Richmond and then do a fancy ladies lunch in the city." 

So, I started worrying a little bit because I'm not really a fancy kind of girl.  I even asked Darren "What should I wear to a fancy lunch?"  His thought was something lacy and doily-like which had me scared rather then worried. 

I went to bed not to concerned since I do have one really nice black dress that I figured I could wear if it came down to it. 

This morning I figured I'd find out what Bobbi meant exactly rather then worry and obsess because yes, we all know that's what I do best.  I texted her.

Me: "Good Morning.  What does one wear to a fancy womans lunch with her BFF?"

Bobbi:  "Whatever you are comfortable in.  I will probably wear jeans a long sleeve shirt and cute scarf to match."

Yep.  That's why I love Bobbi.  She is my kind of fancy!  See you soon girl!  I can not wait.


Bobbi said...

great blog and not because you mentioned me, but because we all relate to everything you wrote about today.
I touch my face WAY to much. I have horrible skin and touching my face makes it so much worse.
How can I stop? I need to do some googling to find some suggestions.

Also, Fancy to me means that we are going somewhere fancy, not dressing fancy. This is the South! You know how people dress down here.

Finally, you don't shop before you go on a trip. You shop while you are on the trip. Then you get a different selection of things to choose from.

Keep up the "Titbits"!


PolishPrince said...

I enjoyed reading Tuesdays Tidbits, correction, I like Titbits, lol. As you know, I can absolutely relate to the fingers all over my face. When I'm hungry or nervous/anxious they're in my mouth being chewed on feverishly. Anyone's thoughts on how to stop I too welcome with open arms.

Kerri's Krazy Trips....that's what I call them. There's always something that's bound to happen. Keeps life interesting...right?

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Keep at it girl!