Thursday, November 26, 2009

You are the wine in my glass

I went out in search of a Thanksgiving card for you.  There were only a few to choose from and I read each one like three times.

The gist of them was something like "I am thankful for you."  Which I am.  But they didn't even begin to touch on WHY I'm thankful for you.

You are an incredible person.  It's not often I get to see you outside the roles I am used to seeing you in.  But you make people laugh, you make people think, you make people smile.  Your laugh is contagious and it has different levels to it.  You are often so easy-spirited.  Jovial. 

You roll.  Go with the flow.  What happens, happens.  I'm thankful for your spontaneous nature.  I learn from it every single time.

You are athletic and determined to stay healthy.  You inspire young adults with your enthusiasm and zest.  You are sexy.

You are an amazing father.  You get right in there and just do.  I relied on you in those first few months with both of our sons.  I'd hand them off to you.  You jiggled and bounced and danced and sang...till your sons were asleep.  I would come down the stairs in search of you, to a quiet house, to my snoring husband holding our child on his chest.  Thank you.

I am thankful for any and every uninterrupted conversation with you.  They have become far and in between.

You are learning to spot my breaking point.  You know when I'm about to shut off, blow up, freak out, pig out, start shaking, etc. I've noticed you trying to be proactive rather then reactive.  I take notice of your approach and it often calms me.  I thank you for trying.

I am thankful because you are faithful. To our family, to me, to our marriage.   You are loyal. 

I am thankful for the nights you come to bed with me.  You are an amazing husband.

I am a very lucky woman.  I know that.  I just act like I don't so you won't know that I know.

Almost seven years ago I married the "love of my life".  I had no idea. None. Thank you for showing me that "love of my life" is our destination.  You are the beginning of my every day. 

Thank you for being my little spot of sanity.

Today and everyday I am so very, very thankful for you. 

I'm thankful for you.  Because, that's why.

*To the D, to the K.


PolishPrince said...

can I say ditto?...jeepers you're a sweet piece of pie my love. Happy Thanksgiving lover!

Bobbi said...

so sweet. I'm thankful that you have Darren. Not everyone is as lucky as us two ladies are, we have wonderful husbands and maybe that is because we are wonderful too.