Friday, November 27, 2009

Scrape, Spackle, Paint

I haven't written out my December to-do list yet.  These last two weeks have gone by so fast but surprisingly a lot of things still got done and not really anything is falling behind.....yet.

Thanksgiving is my cue to get things moving on all the projects I said I wanted completed by the end of the year.  It's like that final exam cram session in school, always waiting till the last second.  Darren and I work well under pressure most of the time.  We tend to work really well when we have money to actually buy supplies for the projects that need to be completed.  Go figure.

Darren is in taking a victory shower.  He replaced 18 broken or saggy tiles in the dining room.  It looks great.  Since we bought the house, almost 5 years ago, the sag has been there.  The tiles are those tongue and groove type.  Fairly simple to replace until he got down to the last tile.  I stayed out of the way.  Darren's determination mode is most often, stay out of his way or die get hurt mode.

I scraped and patched the ceiling in the parlor today.  It will dry over night and then tomorrow hopefully I will be able to sand it smooth and paint it.  We bought a pretty little round medallion to go above the fan in there and we got a new rug too.  The dogs pissed had accidents all over the previous one.

I am a little nervous.  That tends to happen to me when I don't get my thoughts organized and onto paper.  There is a lot that needs to be done along with a lot of things I want to do.  

I have to plan a day for Jacek and I to cut out snowflakes and start the cookie making process.  I love making Christmas cookies using Grandma Wheeler's sugar cookie recipe.  My mouth is watering at the very thought.  I can not wait. 

I have plans to revamp my blog layout.  I won't do that until after accomplishing my goal though.  Only 3 more posts to go after this one.  I can hardly believe how easy and enjoyable it's been this time around.  

I also want to repaint the living room before Christmas.  A few months ago I thought I was doing a good thing by painting over some marks and blemishes but it turned out that I used a different color yellow then the original.  So now some of the walls have obvious stupid looking marks that really need to disappear.  We also just ordered a neat little stand for our television so having a new color on the walls would be an extra nice touch. 

I need to get all that done before decorating the house for Christmas. I guess I need to find all my Christmas decoration totes first.  I have a lot!  
Then we need to pick a weekend to go and cut down our tree.

Lots to do, lots to do.  Hopeful sans anxiety attacks.

Just gotta get my ass in gear, right Dad?

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Mom (Marsh) said...

Kudos, to a great job at your blogging so far.