Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zipper Sweet and Nice

Today has been a nice day.  I say that with as much enthusiasm as I can.  It has been a nice day.  Darren was not feeling well yesterday so he stayed home.  Our morning yesterday was awful and the rest of the day turned kind of boring and uneventful.  Today things were exactly the opposite.

Darren stayed home again today.  He was feeling much better but still wasn't feeling well enough to go to work.  I was excited because yesterday I ruined our morning and who isn't excited about getting a second chance to make things right?

Getting the boys dressed this morning went so smoothly I kept waiting for something to ruin our good moods.  Isn't that terrible?  I just kept thinking that things were "to good to be true".  Most days getting the boys dressed and ourselves dressed feels like it requires the energy of champions but everyone was in the right moods today and we all worked together and got it done.

On Tuesday when I went to pick Jacek up from school his teacher asked him to remember to try and zip up his jacket on his own.  He's been pretty tight lipped with sharing information about his doings at school so I was beyond excited to get a glimpse into what he's been learning.  And so when he had his jacket on we asked  him to give it a try.  And he did it!  All by himself!  It's weird how when your child does something like zipping up their coat for the first time you get these flashes.  I felt proud of him, so proud of him and then sad.  Each thing he learns to do himself is one less thing I get to do for him.  And yeah yeah, I complain that I'm tired of doing this and doing that but every Mom does, right?  It's a wish come true that is bittersweet.  I couldn't stop with the praise and Jacek was beaming!  Way to go Jacek!

Then we went out and enjoyed ourselves, eating messy powdered donuts filled with sweet jelly and donut holes that made my little boys' fingers and faces very, very sticky.

There was all that normal stuff in there too, the fussy bits, the whiney bits, the not sharing bits but on days when everything else falls into place that stuff just doesn’t make or break the day. 

What made the day a nice day was us just simply living it.  There were no hurried feet and no pointed fingers.

We all played nicely together and enjoyed every second.

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