Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Eight, Zero, Zero

This whole "fall back" thing has both boys all messed up.  How crazy it becomes when the light outside doesn't quite match to their normal routine.

Jacek was getting up early and being the only awake person in the house even before the whole set your clock back thing so Darren and I went out and got a small clock for his room.  Along with the clock we made a sign that showed what 8:00am will look like on the clock. 

The reasoning behind our madness: to keep the boy in his room until 8.

On Monday morning, the first morning with the clock, he was up at 6:45.  I hear him leave his room.  We have 2 staircases in our house and he goes down the main one which enters out into the parlor.  He comes around into the kitchen, presumably looking for life forms that resemble Mommy or Daddy, no such things at that hour!  "Jacek", I call from upstairs.  His footsteps quicken and he rushes up the staircase to our bedroom.  "Mommy", he says when he reaches the top, "My clock is never gonna say eight, eight, eight!"  Trying to hide my smile I say "It's eight, zero, zero and yes, it will."  "Oh", he says disappointed, knowing where I'm going to send him back to.  Off to his bedroom he goes and he stays for about 20 minutes until his brother, in the next room, begins to "screech".

It is still only just a little after 7 in the morning.  "Quiet", now only comes in waves as my sons have quite a back and forth battle of screeches.
Not to long after this Jacek leaves his room again.  He finds me in the living room writing out a shopping list.  "My clock is still the same"he says, meaning the 7 is still there.  "Yes Jacek, it's still early".  "Why don't you take those books back up" I say, pointing to a few he must have brought down with him the first time he came down.  "You can look at those while you wait PATIENTLY for eight, zero, zero"

"Yea", he exclaims.  "They will help my clock go faster".

At about 8:02 I head up the stairs and meet Jacek on his way down.  "Mommy, the clock, the clock has an 8".  "I did it, I did it, I stayed in my room till 8".

I sigh.

"Yep, good job Buddy"


Anonymous said...

Well Sugar Bear I hope Daddy has done this correct. I wish we would have been that creative when you girls were growing up. You sure have a flair for writing. The best thing I came up with was singing bony maroni when I was giving baths otherwise I could'nt get you girls into the tub. I enjoyed those days although it was short lived as you all grew so quickly.
Love you.......Daddy

OneThingReal said...

WOW have things ever changed!! When I was a boy the main goal was to keep me OUT of the house. That is until your Uncles David and Phil started taking me to ball games and a wonderful cultural spot know simply as 'R-place'. Your Uncle Ed and Aunt Marianne were less than enthused so I ended up shootin' pool at your Uncle Bobby's. Goodbye fryin' pan, hello fire!!

Kimberly said...

What a cool idea.. he will catch on.. you think it would work for a 13 1/2 year old?? I think I am one of those girls from the tub.. (secret .. I still sing that song and even downloaded it.. that was one of my most favorite times...) and Dad is right.. we grew up way too quick.. and now... I have a teen ager ?!? and some days it's like " how did it go so fast"... and other days it's like *sigh*...

GrayLady said...

Miracles come in small packages. Enjoy each learning moment. And I truly mean ours (as the parent) You are indeed very fortunate. And I think sometimes in the business of life, we forget that.

Love and hugs.

Bobbi said...

I am all smiles...... I really love kids. They are so honest.
Thank you for sharing.

Charlene said...

Cute. I dealt with the same problem for years until I finally had to teach them to turn on a tv and vcr to keep them busy on the weekend. Now they are really good at it. But the 2 new ones I have acquired love getting up at 7 on saturday, so now I am training them how to be quite early in the mornings...will the madness ever end...

Kristen said...

lol....I remember those days!! Kudos to Jacek!! :)