Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dragon Butt

I've been going going going. The last few mornings I've gone through quite a lot of kleenex just trying to unstuff myself after a nights sleep.
Today I woke with a headache. I started taking birth control pills on Monday for the first time in 6 years. I think the headache is from them but maybe it's from me fighting a cold.

Tonight I'm feeling like poo. Headache. Slight sore throat. Minor cough. Exhausted.

I completed the parlor ceiling. Darren just got done installing the pretty medallion and putting the fan back up. The living room has a new color and rug. The dining room has new ceiling tiles and they are painted. I bought paint for the walls in the dining room today. Overzealous.

Not sure if tomorrow is going to find me with enough energy to pop that top off the paint can though.

Jacek and Aidan ate dinner so well tonight. It is not often that Darren and I can eat a whole meal without *reminding* the boys what we're at the table to do. Tonight though I thanked the universe for allowing me to save my voice. My throat is already hoarse enough.

The boys were so tired tonight too. I hope they aren't fighting off a cold. Jacek had a meltdown while I was attempting to get him ready for bed. He went down almost an hour earlier then normal. I'm sure he's in a deep sleep already. Which is great but on nights when he sleeps deeply he normally awakes in a puddle. Let's hope not tonight.

I love the redone living room. It is very zen.

I can not wait to finally get my Christmas decorations out. I need a little Christmas spirit.

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