Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Something

I headed out this evening to do some Christmas shopping.  On my own, I should add, no boys in tow.  How wonderful is that?  (thank you honey)

I miss our van.  Our "loner" van does not have a working radio.

So, it was just me and my thoughts.  

I turned onto a main street and noticed the number of houses lit up by Christmas lights.

"Wow, that is something" I said to myself.

I slowed my speed and took in the views.  Both sides of the street were just lit up.  There are some people that go ALL out 
and I'm so thankful for them.  

It's amazing.  
Fences, posts, lights on all levels, trees, wreaths, bushes, mailboxes, windows...all adorned with shiny, sparkly, miniature colored light bulbs.  

One house has a humongous tree up in front of a window that must be either in an attic or a finished 3rd floor. It's something to see, not to mention that the rest of their house and yard is just spectacularly decorated as well.

And then there are the houses that are dark.

 I'm talking about the houses without an inkling of visual holiday spirit or just plan spirit for that matter.  I'm not talking about the houses that just have their Christmas tree lights on, or the ones that have those little candle lights in their windows, or even those with just regular house hold lamps on.

These houses still have *something*, whether it is small or not. 

I'm talking about the houses that are dark.

We live in the country and most people leave their window coverings open.  I love to catch a glimpse of the insides of other peoples homes passing by.  It always makes me wonder who lives there and what lives they lead and how they differ from my own.

In a lot of houses there is not even a glimmer of *something*.

I understand not everyone celebrates Christmas in the same way.  Not everyone celebrates Christmas, period.  But these houses were so dark and dreary.  Some appeared desolate.  It's cold and gray here.  With no leaves on the trees and the grass not a bright green of summer days the houses themselves seemed lonely.

And in feeling this I thought of a blog that I read earlier in the day.

she asked of her readers

What do you really want for Christmas?
...or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or Eid...
that money can't buy?

We don't have our outside decorations up yet but the inside of our home reeks of Christmas.
My Christmas spirit appears to have exploded.  The love I feel for my family conveyed in the way of festive decor.
I am happy inside and I showed it.  This is my *something*  
My house is lit up as is my heart.
What do I really want for Christmas?  That money can't buy.
I want everyone to have *something* that makes them feel good. 

A decorated house.  A hug from a relative returning home for the holidays.  A warm cup of coffee.  A smile from a stranger.  A held door.  A new baby.  A dream come true.  Memories.  A kiss.  Music. Food.  Laughter.  A good cry.  LOVE. 
because it reminds us that we are  A  L  I  V  E. 

That is what I *really* want for Christmas.
A little bit of something.
for everyone.


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

What a BEAUTIFUL, SELFLESS wish! My husband asked me just last night, "Why doesn't everyone decorate for Christmas?" I couldn't think of a good reason other than they are a different religion. Why wouldn't you want a little light in your heart during this cold, dark time of the year?


erica said...

our house isn't all decked out for christmas.. there are things here and there and of course the tree.. it's kinda hard in this house, all of the decorations are my mothers, which she wont be bothered to put up.. i don't have decorations of my own because i have no space of my own for them.. i did, however, take the time, with the kids, to make all of MY OWN tree decorations with the kids.. my tree decor is ALL homemade withthe exception of the lights.. my ornaments, my garland and even my tree topper.. i'm SO very greatful for the ppl that do go all out with their decorations. it's such a sight to see and we love to take the kids just driving around to look at the lights.. we even play a little game.. we call out "my side" when there are lights on our side, and vice versa, and we even try and count how many lights each side has and make a contest out of it.. it's so cute, garrett has even gotten into this year.. of course he cheats like his daddy and calls my side when it's clearly not his side, and says, "i got six, i got fourteen, i got three".. it's the little things in life that matter and make me the most happy..