Monday, December 7, 2009

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown

Aidan had his 15 month wellness check up this morning.  He'll actually be 16 months old on the 12th but due to an insurance change we had to wait until December.

Today it was just Mommy and the boys.  Darren had to go to work.

The check up part was easy but it was the news that he was due to get four shots, 2 in each leg that was hard to stomach.

When the nurse came in with the needles I asked Jacek if he would like to come up to the table and hold Aidan's hand during the shots.

His eyes filled with tears.

"I don't want Aidan to get shots.  They hurt", he says.

"I know Buddy but he needs them to stay strong and healthy."

He pulled out the little step that the doctor tables have and stepped up to his brothers side.  He first touched Aidan's hand and Aidan turned his head to him.  

Then the nurse said she was ready to begin.

Jacek held Aidans hand so tight that both their hands were red when he finally let go.

Aidan screamed during the shots and although he didn't make any noise I think Jacek was screaming too.

I praised Aidan for being such a brave boy and Jacek for being such a great big brother. Jacek seemed sad.

As the nurse placed band-aids on Aidan's leg I saw Jacek glancing at his brothers legs with a heavy heart.

Later, during dinner Jacek and I were recalling our day for Darren.

I again praised Jacek for being such a great big brother.  He nodded his head and beamed proudly at his Daddy.

"What you felt when you were holding Aidan's hand Jacek, that was love.  That's what love feels like."

"Aidan's my brother"  he says.

"Yes, and you're his."  "Forever."


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Kristen said...

Jacek is a great big brother. He loves Aidan tons. It shows. Their bond will be a strong one.