Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Truthful Tuesdays - Do you believe in Ghosts?

If you look up ghost under wikipedia you get a smorgishboard of definitions.  Often the term ghost referes to the apparition of a deceased person. 

I have seen a few apparitions. The most recent being a little boy dressed in knickers and suspenders running from out of a corner of a hallway in my sister Kim's house.  He appeared to be running outside to play.  If I had to guess which sport he was off to enjoy, I would be inclined to say stickball. The energy that was coming off him as he drew closer to me was enough to make my heart race and my eyes swell with tears.  I could feel his youth, his excitement, his life...it was my first child apparition.  I've thought about him often since.

I've seen a woman apparition in my own house. She was dressed in a cream and soft peach gown and she was descending my stairs.  Her hands were full because she was lifting and holding up the bottom of her skirt so as not to fall.  I could see the ruffeled crinoline underneath.  I was simply vacuuming the rug on the upstairs landing.  I glanced up, did a double take and off she went down the stairs and she was gone.  She was beautiful but her gown more so.  I haven't seen her again but I think about her often.  Once you see a ghost their image kind of remains etched in your memory.

I have had few experiences with ghosts as apparitions.  My general belief on apparitions are that they are souls or spirits stuck in time, reliving several moments of their lives over and over again.  I consider myself lucky to have witnessed these apparitions.  I don't know why I was able to but I absolutely believe that I have and that they are real.

I mentioned the term spirits.  Spirit is what I believe in even more so.  I believe spirits are made up from energy, whether it be energy from their soul as a human or energy from the universe or a comibnation of both. Once they learn how to manipulate this energy they can and do communicate with us.  I believe spirits can manifest the energy and I believe they can split the energy.

My sister Kristen believes our Grandfather shows himself to her as a monarch butterfly.  I feel he shows himself to me as a black crow.  He often takes this form when I've done something foolish, many times I've heard the mocking "caw caw" and known without a doubt it is my Grandfather laughing at me with me.

I am not a religious person.  I consider myself spiritual.  I at times struggle with my belief system but am often assured "by signs" that there is another dimension to this life.  We all take up space in this world while we are alive and those of us that are lucky enough to occupy that space for long periods of time leave their "mark" on the space.  That mark is their energy.  That energy remains though their physical form does not.  Energy is absorbed and that energy finds it way back out, it many different forms.

When Uncle Brian, a fireman, passed away of a heart attack, the Kwiatkowski's lost a great man.  A hero.  His work did not end because his heart did.  I don't recall how soon after he passed that this happened but it was sooner rather then later.  Darren, myself and Jacek were at our house.  It was chilly out and I clicked the thermostat up a few degrees.  Not long after doing so our house smelled of gas.  The smell got stronger and I was getting nervous.  Darren had us leave and go next door to my sisters while he called 9-1-1.  The volunteer fireman showed up with their blinking lights atop their vehicles and not long after the firetruck turned down our street with their whistles blowing and their sirens whirring.  Jacek was front and center to his own parade.  
I don't remember the logistics of the problem but I do remember the one fireman saying "You were lucky".  Our furnance had blown, thankfully it blew out and not up.  The furnance hadn't even been up to code or exhausted properly.  

I have no doubt, no doubt! that Uncle Brian saved us and gave Jacek quite a show in the process. I can picture him now happy and proud of me for retelling this story. He is smiling his big hearted smile, the one that Aidan seems to have inherited.   I feel him here with us all the time.  He was a big man in physical form and the energy he has now is quite powerfull.  I think it's undeniable but not everyone believes.

I do.


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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Loooooove your answer here! It is so thoughtfully written.

You offer a lot of valid proof for saying "yes"-- thanks for playing along!


erica said...

ok.. so.. the tears are flowing now.. i miss uncle brian so much..
as far as believing in ghosts, i can't say that i'm a believer or a non-believer..i'm the person that's afraid of such things even though it may not be harmful.. for me, i can't say that i believe, because i don't know.. for the same reason i can't say that i don't believe.. a lot of times seeing is believing and if i say that i don't believe, i'd rather not be proven wrong.. sounds silly, i know, but that's what makes the best sense in my head i guess..