Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snot Rockets and Pound Cake

We are still sick.  Jacek is much better though, thankfully.  No fever, coughing less and has regained his appetite. 
Aidan had his worst day today.  He had these coughing spells where his eyes started watering and then he got nervous because he was coughing so much that he forgot to breathe.  When he finally did remember it was like a ragged haggard breath.  I hate seeing him so sick.
I also had my worst day today.  My right ear hurts.  I still have a low grade fever and I am stuffed up with

I wish I had more patience. I really do.  Granted, I'm sick with a low grade fever, aches, coughing spells of my own and a stuffy nose but still I know these boys are precious but let me tell you...I felt like a baby today with all the whining, yelling, and object throwing I did.  I surely did not teach my children anything valuable today, unless what they took away from today was to stay away from Momma when she don't feel good. 

Blah.  So, Totally Over This Being Sick Thing.

We did manage to have a few very nice cuddle sessions but Aidan's nose kept dripping and it was just gross trying to ignore the amount of snot that was coming out of it.  We are almost out of Kleenex and his poor little nose is red and right before bedtime I noticed it is now raw and a little bloody too.

Drum roll Please.  The highlight of the day....Breakfast.  I took my Aunt Mariannes suggestion and visited The Pioneer Womans blog and found this delicious recipe for Perfect Pound Cake.

Um.  Yup.  
Pretty Damn Perfect.  

Perfectly Perfect 
if I do say so myself.

We all ate it for breakfast. 

There's nothing wrong with that is there  

Having cake for breakfast?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Disgustingly enough the boys and I (remember, Darren is working way late) had breakfast for dinner tonight.  I knew the boys would eat and they would eat well because they just love to eat pancakes, eggs and sausage for dinner.  So, why deny them the yumminess of a warm meal that I knew would fill them up and hopefully help them sleep.

After dinner er breakfast? er now I'm confused......I did bath for the boys.  Bathtime is totally a Daddy thing in our house but tonight Mommy ruled the roost...well I always do....but...yeah, just sayin.....I knew it would make them warm and help them sleep.

They need sleep 
Boy do they ever.

So, my belly stuffed, clean and vicks vapor rubbed children are in bed. 
And it's not even Eight Zero Zero yet.

Now that


 Perfectly Perfect.


Kristen said...

Now all you need is a bottle of...I mean a glass of wine, a cozy blanket and a good book. :) Love you!

Kerri said...

Well, I skipped the wine because of taking cold medicine before bed, got the cozy blanket and watched My Sisters Keeper....perfectly perfect night. ;o)

Auntie M said...

Boy, can I identify with your blogs about sick kids and mommy being sick also. But it does get better, trust me. I'm thrilled that you made the pound cake from P.W. I printed it out but haven't made it yet. Thanks for the critique. Be better and know that there's nothing wrong with mommy and boys having what I used to call a "poop out" day. Meaning just relax, watch video with the kids or what-ever works for all of you. Hear,hear. Love and hugs, Auntie M.