Monday, January 25, 2010

Burpies and Snot Bubbles

Burpies are what we call the boys lovey's or security blankets.  Burpies are nothing other then cloth diapers.  The boys each got 12 when they were first born.  The burpies have been washed a gazillion times.  They are beyond soft and some of Jacek's are starting to get holes in them.  We have rules that apply to burpies.  They are for bedtime only and stay in the boys bedrooms.  They are not allowed to be taken out of the house.  When the boys seem to be having a hard day, seem sad or down we bend the rules a little.  I have stashed one burpie each into the diaper bag for "nervous breakdowns" away from home.  The last few days with the boys battling their colds the burpies have been allowed down stairs.  We used them as tear wipers, snot swipers, and for easing coughing attacks.  It's a sure sign that the boys are not feeling like themselves if burpies are being requested at the dinner table or to hold while watching video.

Today there have been burpies in the kitchen, at the dining room table, on the train table in the playroom, around necks, on heads, used as pirate hats, scarves  

and I even caught a burpie sticking out from underneath the bathroom door.  
Burpies Burpies EVERYWHERE! 

I hope my boys get better soon so the burpies can go back to following the rules!

For this Not Me Monday I've only got one.  I was ashamed so I had to admit to not doing it.
Hopefully this in no way classifies me as a bad Mom. I just couldn't pass the opportunity up to get at least one good shot to use later in life as blackmail a bargaining tool....haha.

At the lunch table I did not try to take pictures of the snot bubbles that were coming out of Aidan's nose as he ate. 

I did not take these pictures in hopes I would capture just one bubble.  Never. I would never ever do something that rude and unsympathetic. Not to mention



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Kristen said...

Hope you all feel better soon!! Hugs to all!! Behind my mask, of <3