Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 Reasons Why My Blog Rocks - PARTY!!!!

I'm gonna be honest with ya here.  There are some days when I think this blogging thing is awesome.  There are days when I love it and feel so much better knowing that I am continuing my journey and keeping my promise to myself.  Then there are the days when (with a bit of pms hormones mixed in) I feel like this whole idea is ridiculous.  There are the days when I am so insecure.  There are days when I cry over silly silly things that on any normal day really don't matter to me, like how many followers I have or why a lot of the ones who say they are my friends have yet to even check out my blog or showed support in any other way.  
Some days it's really hard.  Some days everything seems easier.  Some days.

Today is a harder day than most at least mentally.  I'm feeling drained and in need of a pick me up.  A few of the blogs I read regularly are participating in a blog party.  Sounds fun, right?  
Amanda over at Serenity Now wants to know why I think my blog rocks.  In fact I need to come up with 5 reasons!  5!  
Here goes. 

1.) This blog represents me.  It is a direct reflection of the person I feel I am now, strive to be, and eventually want to be.  It is my daily journal that keeps me honest even when the fear creeps back in.  I write for myself with hopes to connect with even just one other person who might feel the same way, understands what I'm saying or relates on some level to something I've written.

2.) It's the simple things that make me happy.  
Comments such as:
The honesty with which you write is how we should all live our lives. I feel closer to you as I read your posts and share my thoughts and emotions. YOU rock!!!


WOW! Your story had me glued!


I was drawn in by your writing 

MAKE ME unbelievably giddy.  I love to write and when I can reach someone or pull someone into a story or a post I feel that my reason for doing this, for being open and honest has been conveyed.  I feel accomplished.  I feel like such a dork sometimes but it really does make me unbelievably giddy.  Isn't life supposed to be about the simple things anyway?

3.)  My Readers.  Up until just recently my followers were mainly friends and family who came here invited by me back in October 2009 and they've stayed.  They stuck by me on this journey and I celebrated 100 posts with them just last Saturday.  They truly ROCK!!  

4.) It's a work in progress.  Seriously, it's an ever changing blog because my daily life is always changing.  I hardly ever know what I'm going to write about until I sit down, pull the laptop onto my lap and start typing.  I think that's exciting.  I'm one of those people who like to peek in on other people, not in the stalkerish way, geesh.  I like catching a glimpse of what someone else might be doing, dealing with, going through, etc.  Everyone feels like they are a crazy person every now and then.  I write about being one for all the world to see.  ;o)

5.) I say it does.  Isn't that awesome?  My blog rocks because I say it does.  And you know what?  I don't need 700 other people to tell me that it rocks to believe it (although that would be totally smuckin awesome). I have a goal to reach 50 followers, it's on my life list.  I believe I will reach it.  I don't mind how long it takes as long as I stay true to myself and continue this writing journey.  

My blog rocks.  Because that's why.

Thanks for inviting me to your party Amanda.  
{{insert party noise maker sound here}}

14 comments: said...

hey kerri... coming for a visit from amandas~
not only does your blog rock... but so do you!

Auntie M said...

Your Blog rocks because you make a difference for the many people who read it each day. Not everyone is comfortable making a comment after they read it but rest assured there are those who start their day by checking in on Kerri's Klutter. And I feel sure the numbers are huge. And yes, YOU ROCK, BIG TIME!!!!

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

I was totally in need of a pick me up today too . . . glad we found Amanda's party! Keep bloggin' and rockin'!

Paula said...

I'm visiting from Amanda's party. This is my first time for a visit and I'm off to explore your blog. Nice to meet you!

::cottage instincts:: said...

Yep. YOu and your blog rock....I'm all about being who you are, and sometimes I feel like taking down that stupid 'followers' thing.

Here's a secret....even though a blog has a lot of 'followers', doesn't mean all those peeps actually read your posts. I know I've 'followed' lots of folks at one time or other, but don't read them now. It's really not a true picture of the worth of a blog IMO.

I plan to stop back and read again :)

Melissa said...

Great list! I'm glad you found Amanda's party on a day that you're feeling down. It sounds as though we have a lot in common, so I plan to visit again!

Kristen said...

You go girl!! I'm proud of you!! You're doing it!! Mine will start soon enough...(have to fund my retirement somehow ;) lol)

Keep it up! I love you muches blog lady!! :) <3

Xazmin said...

Good reasons! I completely understand where you're coming from on the good days and bad days!

Also, thanks for the new word "smuckin" I love it!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Blogging is ALWAYS a work in progress! Your blog definitely represents you :) I'm proud to be one of your followers, and hope you reach your goal soon!

Confessions From A Working Mom

erica said...

kerri, you do so totally SMUCKING rock.. (i've been meaning to steal your word, cuz i just LOVE it) you don't need anyone to tell you that, but it's always nice to hear..
now i have a question.. i know carl lee doesn't like when i share personal things in a public kinda way.. how does darren feel about you putting your personal life on here for all to see? do you guys discuss certain things before you blog them? or is he game and says hey, you need to get it out, go ahead.. just curious, cuz like i said, carl lee doesn't like me being so open with ppl about a lot of things.. (not that i listen anyway) =)

southerninspiration said...

zipping in from amanda's do rock,and it's nice to get to know you. come on by for a visit and we can get to know one another, because I KNOW about some clutter! :D


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Good for you for being brave and sharing some positive thoughts. :) Thanks so much for linking up today!

2sisters said...

I stopped by from Amanda's. I haven't written the 5 reasons post for my blog yet, but I wanted to check out others. Your blog does rock! Just hang in there, there are far more "lurkers" out there than you realize. I totally understand about the feeling bad when people don't stop by, or when it feels like you aren't reaching anyone.

Wendy said...

Blogging can be tough!

But your blog looks great!

Visiting from Amanda's party!