Thursday, February 4, 2010

Turds and Titbits

I haven't updated much this week so I thought I'd do a few random tidbits titbits.

On Tuesday, Jacek had been coughing for over two weeks so I took him back to the doctor. We were in the examination room waiting for the doctor and I noticed goop in his right eye.  At that same moment my phone buzzed.  My sister, Kristen, who was watching Aidan, texts me, "I think Aidan may have pink eye.  Has mucous and kind of closed."  Yep.  
Both boys had it.  Jacek was sent home with a diagnosis of allergy related cough and a remedy of stripping his bedroom of anything not necessary for sleep.  Seriously?

I did as the doctor recommended all morning on Wednesday.  I don't necessarily agree with the doctor but his room needed a good cleaning anyway so I actually took the suggestion.  So he is still coughing quite a bit at night but at least he's coughing in a really clean and somewhat bare room.  Whatever.

I also think it's safe to say that the pink eye is gone. I think we got it within the first couple of days.  We didn't have to deal with the crusted up eyes at all just goop.  Goop I can handle.

We picked up our van last Thursday so we've had it back a week already.  I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it yet.  I love that we have it back.  I love having the radio. I don't like that it has an engine in that no one seems to know anything about.  Today was the first time Aidan has ridden in it since September 12, 2009.  He obviously had no memory of the van because when I turned the radio on this afternoon he about jumped out of his car seat.  The loner van we had for 5 months did not have a radio.  Aidan started dancing in his seat.  And boy oh boy when I opened up the sun roof (albeit briefly, it be smuckin cold don't ya know) the look on his face looked like he was thinking, "Holy smokes I can see the sky!"  I love seeing things through his eyes.  I can't remember the last time I thought a sun roof was amazing.  You just get used to things and lose sight of the wonder behind little every day things.

Everyday when I ask Jacek what he wants for lunch he almost always answers "Peanut butter and jelly with a face!"  This is what he gets.  
So, if you're ever lucky enough to babysit Jacek, that's what you will be expected to make.  As if my creation could ever be out done.  I am SUPER MOMMY PB&J WITH A FACE MAKER-ER.  Top that Martha Stewart.

Interaction with the readers of my blog is a fun way for me to feel more then a story teller.  So, I want to express my interest in your questions.  If you have any please email them to me or leave a comment.  It can be about anything, from something personal (watch yourselves) asking for my opinion (trust me I have one) or something thought provoking (everyone needs a nudge now and then).  I'd love to get questions.

A ways back when I first started this journey my old boss at UNC asked me how I find the time to blog everyday.  Sorry, it's taken me so long to answer you.  (Hopefully that time frame is not indicative of future question answering)  
How do I find the time?  At first it was tricky but now that I've been posting pretty much every day it's as if I HAVE to get my fix.  I need my daily dose of klutter spewing.  It's just healthier for everyone involved.

Erica asks: how does darren feel about you putting your personal life on here for all to see? do you guys discuss certain things before you blog them? or is he game and says hey, you need to get it out, go ahead.. just curious
Darren is pretty much ok with everything I write or anything I may write.  I don't sit down and talk with him beforehand.  I think I have a pretty good idea of his comfort zone and right now I've only skimmed it.  I wouldn't purposely write something that I knew would upset him unless I really felt passionate about it.  Sometimes I just have to stick to my guns, ya know, but I would take his thoughts on the matter into consideration.  The letter I wrote to Brennan was a tricky one for me but I went with it.  I asked him after if I got too intimate about his feelings but he said I did good.  I think he's happy that I have another outlet.  I think I've been less *ahem*, bitchy since beginning this blog.

This is where I am every Thursday at approximately 2:22. When I say every, I mean EVERY.  Care to join me? (You'd think I'd remember by now to go the other way to pick Jacek up!)

The boys were banging on the pots and pans today while I was making lunch.  Can you guess which son of mine was hitting the pot so hard that the tip of the spoon broke into many, many pieces.  If you're thinking Jacek, well you'd be wrong.  Apparently, my 1 1/2 year old is strong enough to beat the piss out of a wooden spoon. 

Jacek and I made valentine decorations today.  Aidan ripped up the extra paper we didn't need and then spilled our bag of confetti.  But the hearts turned out great.  Jacek is always so proud of his completed projects but this time he especially liked this one, made by his Mommy....that's me.

He said, "You know, it's ok if you want to give this one to me." 

Little does he know, he already has his Mommy's heart.

That's Thursdays Tidbits.
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Ta TA ya'll.


Christie said...

I haven't had a chance to stop by lately but I'm glad I did. It was nice catching up with you. Thinking of you always and missing you tons.

Christie said...

oh and I have to say I want you making my lunch from now on :)...such an awesome mommy you are!

Auntie M said...

Okay, Smartie Pants, here I am. LOL
I absolutely love your blog and "took your horn" to anyone and everyone I know. Want them to read it and share with others. I like to think if I lived nearer, we'd all (your sisters and parents) see each other often and most likely give you even more to blog about. TeeHee!!! Love ya, have a great weekend, Go The Saints!!!

Auntie M said...

That's what happens when I'm in a hurry. And without my glasses. Meant to say "toot your horn" Oooooops.

Kim said...

LOL I love your sandwich... its a scream... Martha Stewart is in trouble.. Maybe you can sell her your recipe... smile...

Kerri said...

Auntie M - you took my horn? Can I have it back? LOL. Yes, I know what you meant to
You must be getting up there in age...geesh. You need to go to my 100th post and leave a comment....or do you not follow the rules? ;o)

erica said...

i'm glad that you guys know each other well enough to know what's too much or just enough.. i guess my problem is, if i'm having an issue i just need to get it out and dealt with as soon as possible, i don't often think first, generally just respond.. something else i've been working on.. SOMEtimes i can catch myself, but most i don't.. causes a lot of arguments.. he especially doesn't like when i talk to mom, who else am i supposed to talk to, the kids? HA.. he says i should talk to him, well he NEVER listens and if he's the one i'm pi$$ed at, i think i should be able to vent to someone else.. then someone becomes everyone (via facebook) then we have a bigger problem.. i'm glad that you guys know your limits and that darren is open.. we could really take a chapter from your book.. i admire you both..

PolishPrince said...

lol, I wondered for a brief moment when I saw that spoon, what the h*!! happend. Alas, I now have my answer...and a chuckle to boot!

Rindie K said...

I love your P and J it is way too cute to eat lol and I love just love doing crafty things with Myleigh and her and I both ahve spring fever wanting to go out and plant some flowers!!!

Rindie K said...

I still cant believe I made it in to the Klutter!!!!