Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments AND Feel Good Friday

I ate a whole box of chocolates on Thursday afternoon.  Yep, a whole box.  Well, thankfully, it only had 4 chocolates in it because if it had more - ugh! it honestly scares me to even think about it.

I found out that I won a writing contest that I had entered at the end of December.  I am beyond excited.  The prize is a blog makeover created by The Style Dragon.  Kerri's Klutter will have it's own domain.  
Gonna reign my own domain baby!

My husband took the day off of work on Thursday and took the boys out of the house all morning.  What that left me with was an empty, quiet house in which I read and ate and read and ate and said "ahhhhh" a bunch of times(only when I could hear the harps playing though).  BLISS!

I'm looking forward to taking my niece out to the dollar theater (it actually costs $2.00) to see New Moon tonight.  She is 13.  I have read the Twilight series and was not impressed with the movie Twilight.  I have heard mixed reviews on New Moon.  It saddens me that I am looking forward to seeing Taylor Lautner (he plays Jacob).  He was born in 1992.  That makes him 18.  I am 32.  I do realize that's just kind of gross but sadly it still doesn't change the fact that even if the movie is a waste of my won't be a total waste of time. 

I'm tiring of Facebook.  I enjoyed reconnecting with high school friends but have not really maintained any continuing friendship since.  It bothers me (because I think too much) that my facebook friend count says 139 and yet...yep...not really friends (in my meaning of the word) with all those 139 people.   

I love when someone new "follows" my blog because it's like an open door.  It's an open door to their page where I can check out their  as well as all the cool blogs they have on their list.  It completely amazes me how many people (men and woman) have blogs and how amazing these people are.  Everyday I am finding more, learning something new, and loving this journey that's only just begun.

I have been working on a few things that I have on my life list.  It's so exciting.  Self-efficacy is rearing it's lovely energy.  I love self-efficacy.  
A few of the things close to being checked off are:

- Having 50 followers on my blog.  
I'm at 34.  I realize I could stay at 34 for quite some time but so far I've been getting closer and closer each week.

-Learn how to shoot a hand gun.  Nail a bulls-eye.  
I have been in contact with a member and a close friend of the owner of a local rod and gun club.  He has recently informed me that I have the "OK" to stop by once the weather is warmer and start my learning process. 

- Make a personal mission statement.  Live by it.  
I am working on this and working diligently.  I am trying to convey myself, how I want to live and be remembered as well as what I want to accomplish in my life.  I am learning it is very difficult condensing myself into a few paragraphs that will ultimately describe how I view life and it's path for me.  I'm getting there.  I can't wait to share it with everyone else.

-Run a 10k. 
I am going to start running again on or around March 14th.  I am excited and looking forward to getting outside.  Spring is close.  Goals are being set.  Life is being lived.

And one last Friday Fragment:

I'm getting really sick of this cold and snow here in 
Western New York.  
I'm beginning to itch.  Oops, left off the B there.

My youngest son Aidan is a year and a half old.  He is beginning to really 
talk.  In the course of just a few weeks, his vocabulary seems to have doubled.
He is also becomming more animated, opinionated and vocal about what he wants, needs and thinks is hilarious.

He has said Da Da for quite some time.  Now he says Daddy.

He rarely ever says Mommy or even Ma Ma. 

I know that he knows I'm Mommy so that's not the issue.  But he simply refuses does not call me by that name. 

When he does say it though it's as if he can't contain himself.  His little face lights up.  He seems to almost be bashfull about it.  He's not a bashful baby by any means.  So, when he says Mommy and then tucks his head down it makes my heart so happy.
He did it several times on Thursday after being out with Daddy all morning.  He did it a few times yesterday.

I realized that I like it being an every now and then thing.  I never know when his little voice is gonna peek out at me and say Mommy. And because I don't expect it, when I hear it, it's like hearing it for the first time.

Eventually, as he begins to say it more often it will lose it's surprise factor.  It will become normal.  I will become used to it.

But for now at least, it makes my face and heart smile every time I hear it.


Melissa said...

Congrats on winning the contest! That's awesome!

It sounds like you have a lot of great things going on and I am SURE that you will reach your 50 Followers soon!

Good luck! Have a great Friday and a great weekend!!!

Auntie M said...

Your blog is like being able to read a great book and having the priviledge of knowing the author very well. I can't decide what genre to group your "book" with, but find I can't "put it down",always anxious to get on to the next chapter, etc. You and Darren and the boys are very real and you manage to bring that to your writing. I love it. Have a terrific weekend and kudos for winning the writing contest. Hugs and smiles.

Candace said...

i was going to give up FB too! just yesterday i was telling myself that! strange...

Shell said...

Congrats on your contest!

I heard that Taylor Lautner just turned 18. I felt like a dirty old woman, being 32, also.

Have we talked about this before? I can't remember. I lived in Rochester, NY for a year. Ohmysnow!

My youngest likes to yell dada in my face. Fun.

christy said...

Stopping by to check out your "Feel Good Friday" son's name is Aiden, too :)
Off to make my own "Feel Good" post :)


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Running a 5k? Yuck. I only run to the restroom.

You will LOVE having your own domain name. But just an FYI... if you track your stats or page rank, don't be surprised if you see them take a dip. It happened to me, and I wasn't prepared!

Confessions From A Working Mom

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Oh I so enjoyed this post!

I too, tried Facebook last year and after a month, stopped. I still have a profile, but really? It takes a ton of time and that is what Reunions are for - to catch up and the say "bye" With Facebook it never ends!!

I love new followers too, the only things that bums me is when people follow and don't leave a comment because I can't find their page!

You should link up with the Friday Follow. You only have to follow the blogs you want to and there are a TON of fun blogs out there!! I have spent the past 2 weekends "browsing"

I love the idea of a Mission Statement. That is great. You could have one for the family too.

Both of my girls call me Mommy and I dread the day when it changes to "mom" :-((

Thank you so much for doing FGF!!!

Have a super weekend!!

Jene said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with an 18-month-old who doesn't say "mama." I guess he just takes it for granted that I'm there, and I should know who I am :)

Chocolate sounds lovely right now. I could go for a piece, or four!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Congrats on winning! How awesome, and I can't wait to check out your new "do"!

Have a great weekend!

Jamie said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting me, I'd be glad to share some warmth with you, so you won't feel so itchy. We *might* get to see 60 this weekend. I don't do cold and wet very well, not sure I'd survive in NY...I have nightmares about hubby getting orders to Ft. Drum.

I keep telling myself should not do FB, that it is a waste of time, but I am addicted sadly. :( It does really bother me that people I really didn't get along with in high school now want to be my "friend" 15 yrs later...why???

I love when they learn to talk! My Boom is 27months now and is talking up a storm!

Mama Zen said...

So, it was sick of me to do that "Taylor's Legal Now" dance?

mimbles said...

My kids are way past the "Mummy" stage, have cruised on through "Mum" and are now sometimes gleefully calling me "mimbles" instead. I'm not sure if it's out of affection or by way of mockery :P

*adds one to your followers count*

Prairiemaid said...

Congratulations on the winning the writing contest! That's awesome.

Nice that your hubby took the kids out for the morning.

I am going to follow you just 'cause! Then I'll get to see the makeover. Yea!

FB gets on my nerves at times. Only checking it occasionally seems to work best for me.

have a great weekend!


Carolee / Home4ever said...

That is so cool that you won the contest.

Kids are so cute when they begin talking- enjoy it now, before they talk back!

Susan Fobes said...

Stopping by from Feel Good Friday. Congratulations on the contest win-that's fantastic!

cat said...

Congrats on your win! I have not seen any of the movies, but am loving the books. (And I can shoot)