Thursday, February 18, 2010

My first Guest Blogger....Darren talks about his BIG.......

 On the morning of February 7th a friendly wager was placed on the super bowl.  
4 lovely readers of mine all LOST this friendly wager and all 4 will be featured here on my blog as 
G  U  E  S  T   B  L  O  G  G  E  R  S.
So, beginning today and the next three Thursdays to follow, my guest bloggers will have the floor. 
Please be sure to show them the same comment love you show me.
The first up, is Darren.  My husband.
I was a bit scared out of my mind nervous leaving the subject matter up to his choosing.
He surprised me.  He's pretty good at that.
He could have written about ANYTHING, anything he wanted.
And this is what he chose:
What I love Most About My Big...

On the heels of Valentine’s Day, and sparked by recent conversation/experiences, I have decided this topic to be my first guest blog.  Yes, dear, “first,” implies there will be more to follow.  When?  That’s another question for another day.

What I love most about my big “3”.

What?  You thought I was going to say something else?

My Big “3” are

Kerri - My incredibly complex, multifaceted, beautiful wife.  
Jacek - My super-inquisitive, energy-packed, bonker head, first-born son.  

 Aidan - My lovey-dovey, mega-smiley, oh so stubborn-headed, second-born son.   

Which you all should know quite well by now, so let’s begin.

What do I love most about Kerri?  Answer: Her Passion.   

 It shines through on most everything she does.  Whether it be a meal she’s preparing, a party she’s planning, or a “spirited,” debate we may be having.  I can see it.  I can feel itIt is inspiring.  I think a lot of you have seen it over these past months through her blogging.  Just another example of her passion pouring through.  It packs a punch.  She doesn’t enter a discussion on the highways of life running on half a tank.  How lucky I am to experience it every day.  She IS my passion fruit.  Funny enough, she doesn’t like passion fruit.  Hmmm.
What do I love most about Jacek?  Answer: His Smile 

His smile makes me smileHe smiles so much that he’s going to have smile “wrinkles,” by time he’s 8!  He may never know what or how much his smile means to me.  It’s hard to imagine life before it.  Could I have made it through the rest of my life without ever experiencing it?  Sometimes it’s the first thing I see in a day.  Sometimes it’s the last.  Either way, I get to see it.  My mind is often swirling with work, and house issues.  I am often distant, or as Kerri says it, off in another world.  If there’s one thing that will bring home, it’s Jacek’s smile.  Hehe, just writing about it has me smiling.

What do I love most about Aidan?  Answer: His Hug/Cuddle.   

My porkchop is such a little lover.  Almost like clockwork when I walk in the door…he comes scampering over all smiley with his arms out-stretched in the air begging to be picked up.  Beware the fury that ensues if I don’t.  Kerri doesn’t see it on the weekends because she’s at work, but there’s major cuddling going on.  It’s our own little love-fest I feel like I missed out on a lot of hugging and loving touches growing up.  So I cherish the time now, and appreciate his love squeezesI love his snuggle into my neck.  I love squeezing him close.  I love his cuddle.

My Big “3” are so very important to me.  They bring so much to the table that I love and adore.  While these are the things that I love most about them now, I wonder if they will always be?  As always, time will tell best.  I look forward to the answers. 

Oh, and honey?  Consider the bet….satisfied.


debbie hoffman said...

Very well done Darren -- Two writers in one family and who knows maybe two more to come.

Mel said...

This is sweet! Stopping by from SITS.:)

Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Great post Darren! very nice! Stopping by from SITS!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That was a great post!!!

After my post yesterday on getting a new TV, my husband is DYING to be a guest blogger... DYING!

Kerri, a great idea - can't wait to see more guest posts! You sure have a keeper!

Denise said...

This was great!
Stopping by from SITS!
Please stop by!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

This is SO SWEET! How on earth is my guest post EVER EVER EVER going to compete with this?

Confessions From A Working Mom

PolishPrince said...

Thank you all for your complimentary comments! It was fun to "dabble" into Kerri's Klutter, and I think leave it still nice and Klutter'd! Thanks again babe, Whoop Whoop!

Rindie K said...

Oh my goodness you have me sitting here crying and all snotted up. Not only was I sad about you missing the hugs and cuddling but just surprised about how open one of the "Kwiatkowski" men can be and you should teach ALL of your Uncles to be the same. Quiet is ok sometimes, but they all could use a dose of goodness and openess from their nephew!! I love how you love your family! AND I am so proud of you and now I am going to wash my face and get some more tissues!!

Rindie K said...

AND may I add that is the sweetest thing I have ever read!!!!

Denise said...

Well done!
Good read!
Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!
I am adding you so I can come back & read more!
Please stop by!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Okay, seriously, that was the cutest post ever!
I loved it.
Visiting from SITS!

erica said...

awesome job darren.. i'm a nervous wreck.. still not quite sure what to write about.. kerri suggested my "crazy" family, but in that she needs to remember the crazy part.. carl lee doesn't like when i share our personal business and mom's very touchy and sensitive, goodness forbid i should express myself and happen to say something negative.. good thing i still have a little bit of time to think of something "positive" to talk about.. lol.. again.. great job.. can't wait to see your future posts.. ;)