Thursday, February 25, 2010

My 2nd Guest Blogger - Elizabeth Confesses

It's Thursday and that means
Guest Blogger #2
Let me begin by saying....she's awesome.

She is a Mom, has a fancy smancy job as a full time TV news producer
has a blog with over 550 followers AND...yes AND....she takes time to blog, replies to her blog comments (I'm guessing pretty much every one) and she has shown me support, and has become a bloggy friend...
So, without further's her guest post
Be sure to show her the same comment love you show me (she's used to lots of love)
and check out her site....she's awesome!
Hey everybody!

Kerri's already explained how I ended up here-- guest blogging on her site-- but in case you missed it, I'll recap:

Step 1: Kerri posts a blog challenge (aka, bet) regarding the Super Bowl on the morning of the big game.

Step 2: Being the cocky Peyton Manning fan that I am, I bet the farm (or in this wager, a guest post) on the Indianapolis QB's arm.

Step 3: I'm told the Colts lost to the Saints 31-17. I don't really know how the game ended. I spent the last five minutes of it locked in my bedroom closet crying my bloody eyes out not watching it.

Despite what the above scenario may leave you thinking, I'm not a betting woman. DH? Yes. He will bet on anything. The over/under on how long it will take our next door neighbor to mow the yard? Yup. The number of wings he can eat at dinner? Sure. How many times Tracy Morgan's character on "30 Rock" says "dude" in a given episode? Why not.

But me? Me? Not so much.

However, there is something I'd be willing to lay down my life for (eeek, I know that's bad grammar; I know you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition. I hope you'll forgive me). And that is is my group of girlfriends.

Two years ago, I couldn't have said this. Back then, I felt adrift... like I didn't fit in with the women I'd chosen as my "circle". We seemed to hang out because we felt like we had to hang out. Our friendship began feeling more like an obligation than a joy.

It all changed, oddly enough, with a breastfeeding class at the hospital where I gave birth. There were dozens of women in that class, but it was J & M who would become my dearest friends. We only spoke briefly during our classes, but when we returned to the hospital for a nursing support group literally days after our children were born (less than 3 weeks apart), we recognized each other and the bonding process began. I mean, really, how could you not feel an intimate connection while breastfeeding in front of others?

At first, our friendship was limited to the weekly support group sessions. Then, it grew to our first tentative outings off the hospital grounds. Before long, we were inviting each other to dinners and playdates and birthday parties... any excuse to get together and gab.

And over the past two years, our circle has grown as fast as our friendship. We've welcomed C, and H, and a whole group of women with whom (see? I do know how to properly use the English language!) we've chosen to share our lives. And our children's lives. And our husbands', too.

So, would I trust these women with my life?

To quote a oft mis-quoted former vice-Presidential candidate...

You 'betcha.


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Thanks for the super-sweet introduction. Right back at ya, Kerri!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Christina said...
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Shell said...

What a sweet story!

ALI said...

Elizabeth -

Great guest post! And oh, how true... I've often found, the great friendships, the ones that last - they start out slowly & grow gradually..

The ones that take off like a spark, generally flame out just as rapidly leaving me feeling lost on how I could have mis-judged that person so totally.

Thanks for sharing!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I love reading Elizabeth's posts!! I am a follower of hers too!

I do not have a ton of close girlfriends here so the blogging community is really a gift.

Platinum Rose said...

Friends that you would lay down your life for are an incredible gift, and something to treasure! It's so rare, and yet so wonderful, to have friends you can share that sort of bond with! I hope everyone is as lucky as both Elizabeth, and I, are to have at least one friend they can say that about in their lifetime!

So...does your husband usually win the over/under yard mowing bet? Hahaha!

JoeyRes said...

That's wonderful to have found a group of friends. Good timing too, those first days with an infant are so tough! Better luck betting the next superbowl!

Crystal Escobar said...

That is so cool. It's nice to find a good group of girls that you can really relate to and connect with.