Friday, February 5, 2010

What made my week a happy week

PMS is such a drag. 
I mean seriously a drag.
PMS makes even the tiniest matters seem like "The world is gonna end".
Don't even think about joking with me while I'm PMS'ing because I might surprise you and slap the shit outta your head.

It's Feel Good Friday over at The Girl Next Door Grows Up....
I thought I could use a dose of positive since all I want to do is eat potato chips with french onion dip, neither of which I have and COMPLAIN.  Yes, all I want to do is COMPLAIN.  It'd be so easy.....but for 10 seconds I'm not gonna complain, instead I'm gonna list 5 things that made my week happier.

1.) Receiving a text from Darren the exact moment I was thinking about him.  His text read "Smooch!"

2.) Bathtime for Jacek and Aidan at 9:30am on a Thursday morning (totally not our normal routine) and Mac and Cheese for lunch the same day.  They loved the break in routine and Mommy enjoyed the Mac and Cheese!

3.) Making Valentine hearts with Jacek

 He made this one.
4.) Receiving a call from the library saying my book on hold "Under the Dome" by Stephen King is ready for pick up.  This book is super thick.  
I'm gonna have to renew it like 50 times.

5.) Candace and her boys came to visit this morning.  She brought Tim Horton's coffee.  Double dose of goodness, let me tell ya!

I think I might actually be smiling.  

It's gone. 
Snarled lip back in place.

 My first giveaway ends at midnight.
I have 6 new followers since the contest began
and a total of 35 entries as of right now.  
Thanks for joining and reading Kerris Klutter.
Good Luck to you all.
The random winner will be announced sometime tomorrow.
Sorry to be vague but sometime is as good as you're gonna get.
The prize will remain a mystery until it's ready to be delivered.

Gotta problem with that?  ;o) 
Ta ta.


Rindie K said...

your Timmy HoHo's should make you feel great lol

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I think it's hilarious that mac & cheese made BOTH of our lists!!!

Confessions From A Working Mom

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

You are the 2nd person today to talk about chips and dip - I must get some!!

Thank you for participating in FGF. I hope you liked it!

I am now following you!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Wow!Hey- I like your son's name Jacek- very different! Also, I do a book club on my blog- if that Steven King book is a good one, you HAVE to let me know!

Candace said...

Glad you liked the Tim Hortons! We had fun too. Certainly made my week a happy week!

Rindie K said...

wait till mentalpause sister, ugh lol stinks. I hope you feel better tonight.....

erica said...

kudos to darren.. what a sweetie pie.. lol. love the hearts everywhere.. how stinking cute is that.. i just love you guys.. SMOOCH. lmao..

Shell said...

I'm pms-ing right along with you.

I'll have to check out that book- there are some King books that I love and some that are too freaky for me.

J.B. said...

It's easy to be cheerful when everything is good. Kudos to you for writing your happiness list while PMSing. You get gold stars.

I'm with FGF, so far I don't know how to get on McLinky. XD