Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who's Game For A Friendly Wager?

Today is the Super Bowl 2010
Sunday Feb 7th, 6:25PM ET on CBS -
The New Orleans Saints 
Indianapolis Colts

I am not a football fan
I am a fan of friendly wagers.

With that said I'd like to offer my readers a chance to place a friendly wager with yours truly, that'd be ME.

Here are the rules: 
Pick a team to win.  Readers choice.  My pick will then obviously be the other team.

(I will give you a deadline but will leave the subject matter up to you.  I reserve the right to request a do-over if I deem the subject matter inappropriate but I don't see that happening but just in case)

If your chosen team should win: ?
This is up to you but I have to agree to it before the game begins tonight at 6pm EST. 
So get thinking and either comment or email me with your ideas. 
Remember this is a friendly, clean wager
(something you want me to do and then blog about, lottery ticket, question to answer, etc.) 
Again, I reserve the right to refuse any bet and deem it null
(just in case any crazy people try to

I already suckered got Darren into this.
Darren's team pick: COLTS
Bet: Darren will choose the topic of my blog for 5 Thursdays beginning 2/25/10

I will update the blog as I get bets.

Elizabeth's team pick: COLTS
Bet: I will put her blog button on my home page for a month 

Erica's team pick: COLTS (i'm sensing a trend here)
Bet: Dinner with our family and all our fanciness  
(we are like royalty ya know) 

Candace's team pick: COLTS 
Bet:  Help create a blog button for her and put it on my blog for a month

Got Game?


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Kerri, I can't resist... I'll take you on your bet.

I pick the Colts.

And when I win, you will put my blog button on your home page for a month (or longer, if you choose).


Confessions From A Working Mom

Kerri said...

;o) Yea!! Go Saints!! (haha)
It's a bet Elizabeth!! ;o)

erica said...

i'm betting colts..
if i win i'd like to have dinner with your family.. ;)

Rindie K said...

I HATE football and all sports on the tv. I am of the mind set that if I can't play, then I do NOT want to watch lol. Hence I will be taking a nap trying to block out all of the cussing at the television!! haha <3

Kerri said...

Erica, you have a bet! Dinner with our family eh? Win win for me!

@Rindie--did you read my blog? I don't like football either BUT I like bets. You aren't too chicken are ya? ;o)

Candace said...

Okay, fine. I will participate. Especially since I won the most wonderful prize (and seriously, when am I getting that???). I am sensing a pattern as well, and therefore, I have to pick the Colts. I do not know a damned thing about football and do not watch it - I will have to likely read the blog to find out who won! How about the same bet as Elizabeth? But...if I win and you have to put my blog button on your page, you'll also have to help me with the blog button, since I don't have one. K? ;)

erica said...

lol.. HA mom you got CALLED OUT.. lmao..
it would be nice to see the saints win, especially since they've never even been to the super bowl, but my belly's still on the colts.. GO PEYTON..

Kerri said...

Candace you have a bet!

Kristen said...

Well, I can't decide, so either way, we make a coffee way I see it, it's a win win situation ;)

Kerri said...

Uh oh....looks like I'm gonna have some guest bloggers!!!!! WAHOOOO.

Rindie K said...

I read your blog, I always do but I have no interest even in betting on football, the whole game makes my skin crawl lol and I wouldn't even know who to bet on. LOVE YA heehee

erica said...

darn it.. so, how does this whole guest blogging thing go?? i'm totally clueless.. don't even know what to blog about, you're gonna have to guide me on this one.. lol.. i may have lost the bet but i at least won $110 from chet's work.. so i guess i win anyway.. lol =)

Kerri said...

Yeah, Darren won $50 so he's happy too!
I will get back to all you COLT fans and let you know what's what with the guest blogging....I will probably have Darren go first starting the week of the 15th....;o)