Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly Menu Monday

Happy Monday.  

We had a fairly nice weekend.  I got overly emotional, *shocker* I know, on Saturday after spending another hour on the phone with our mortgage company.  What a mess it has become.  I was told to call back in a week and I would have an answer.  I'm not holding my breath.

I won a few bets yesterday so I'll be having some guest bloggers to delight you with in the next few weeks.  
More on that to come later.  I have to figure out how to set the whole thing up first!

Last weeks menu was delicious and all the meals went over nicely with the boys.  So, kudos to me and Darren.
Darren made the pasta and prepared the chicken on the weekend since I work.  

We had a little trouble yesterday with the huge chicken I selected for the Slow Cooker Whole Chicken but right when we were about to give up (it was going on 6pm) the little temperature thingy popped UP!  YUM!!  So good.  
To quote Darren, "This chicken is so succulent!"   

Disappointingly so I am not nearly as organized as I begin this new week.  A few things (mainly PMS and it's aftermath) threw me through a loop. 
But such is life.  I'll get over it.  Life ain't gonna wait for me.

So, here's my weekly menu:

Monday: Fish Sticks and French Fries
Tuesday: Slow cooker Sloppy Joes
Wednesday: Sweet and Sour Sausage over White Rice
Thursday: Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings
Saturday: Stuffed Peppers (our Valentines Day ritual, yes I know it's not Valentines Day till Sunday but we're having our niece and nephew over and sharing the yumminess with them.

Yep.  I am aware that Friday and Sunday are blank. Sunday is Valentines Day and Darren and I have no real idea what we're doing.  That's kind of a sad thing but at the same time we're not really Valentines Day type of people.  We have an anniversary for that and that's exactly 1 month away.  We almost got married on February 8th, 2003 but thought we'd enjoy the weather better if we waited.  I'm glad we did.  

Friday might be a YOYO night.
(You're On Your Own)

I don't always have everything figured out.  Sometimes that bothers me but today I'm giving myself a pass. 


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I lost... I am so bummed. I'm the biggest Peyton Manning fan in the world, and it just hurts my heart that he lost!

I think "losing" our bet, though, is the silver lining in this situation: I'm excited about that! Email me and let me know what topic you'd like me to post on, and around what date you'd like!

Confessions From A Working Mom

debbie hoffman said...

Hey you are way more organized than I will ever be and you have two little people to chase after and I don't. What does that tell you about me " I just don't care I wing things for the most part" If I get organized hubby is going to think things are really gone wrong. haha

Melissa said...

A menu plan is a good start to getting organized. How do you make slow cooker sloppy joes?

Kerri said...

Melissa, I posted the recipe for you!
If you try it let me know what you think.

Kimberly said...

Hey Kerri.. That is almost EXACTLY for sure, the same menu I came up with for the week!! EXCEPT...*blink* Mine said "fish sticks and french fries", Sat-Sun.. lol (I have transition issues.. I am afraid to detour too far from the norm.."not cooking" lol) But really.. I did have them Mon.. with Ranch dressing.. leaving out tartar sauce!! Ranch and fish sticks..oh my.. I almost thought you were copying me until I realized YOU actually cook..weekly.. *blink*, with liitle ones even.. cut yourself a break BROAD.. you rock!!! nice menu. ((I will take some "take out", call me and I will let you know the delvery address...yumma)) Your sloppy joe recipe sounds great.. I AM NOT a sloppy joe eater.. or any other type of sloppy *insert name* eater, for that matter.. lol but that I may try.. why do they call it a sloppy "Joe?" It could have been Bob, Ted, Gary.. hmmm.. look that up will ya??
It's been a while since I've voyeured and commented.. I love it all.. you are awesome at this.. and I love your updated and artistic background!! I love you!!.. my beautiful, inspirational,youngest sister and I am proud!! Much love to you all!!! PS-Don't be late on that delivery or ...I get it free.. : )

Kerri said...

Well, let last night be a lesson to me. YOYO night turned out awful BUT we survived. It wasn't too bad but I suffered a slight disappointment in the cooking department.

Sunday is still up in the air...yikes!

@Kimberly - the delivery truck is broken--lol--sorry. The pick up window still works though.
Thanks for the kudos - love you too