Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comment-Love Letters

Welcome to the third installment of Comment-Love Letters.  A fun and hilarious way to show off the comment love received on the previous weeks posts.
All week while receiving comments to my posts I copy and paste each one into a word document, removing any spaces between the comments.  On Sunday I start to cut and paste the comments together to make a letter or as close as I can get to a letter.  I try really hard not to read through the whole thing until I'm completely done.  The end result is pretty funny.
 Below is this weeks result!

Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

As I type this, I can't help but feel a little worried about what it will be attached to in your post on Tuesday, haha!!  Too funny.  I know you do not know me and I just know you but I would like to show you how much I appreciate your blog. Hope you will accept my kind tokens.  Seven is my lucky number!  Congratulations! 

My mom always said love isn't about wild passion and romance. It's about finding a person who is on the same "track" as you-- someone who wants to get married when you want to get married, wants to have kids when you want to have kids, etc. So far, that logic has worked for me! I commend you on your healthy insight and love for your husband and family. I can't imagine my husband ever posting on my blog and definitely going on about how attached he was to my dog since he won't let me have a dog. That is so cool that he did that for you! What a guy!

Okay, your troll story is hilarious. Maybe they put her somewhere useful, like the gun counter?  LOL - After we had an unpleasant encounter with a supermarket cashier, we didn't see him for a few weeks. When he reappeared, we learned that he'd been PROMOTED to front end manager. Ugh. He's the one who said that chocolate milk isn't milk.  That so just put a huge smile on my face!  What can I say, I'm pretty cheery! I found this out a long time ago. And your post reminded about that. Thanks.

Your cat is odd. Cooper sometimes stares at me when I'm on the toilet. I think it's to get me back for not looking away sometimes when he's doing his business outside, haha. Oh my gosh this is completely hilarious and awesome! I'm SO doing it next week. We have two curious cats here that sound similar to yours. They don't jump up while you're peeing, but they do rub up against your legs.  Yeah, slightly strange cat, but I'd still take a strange cat over any dog, any day, lol.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on THIRTY. Will totally mention your comment love letter...I think it's creative and fun...and, we all love to read our own words - we can't help it! If we didn't, we wouldn't blog at all, right??? And your comment was so detailed, and so appreciated. Thanks for the life buoy!  How sweet.  Happy Anniversary!! I can only imagine (and that is where it will stay) what my husband would post if he were to write something!?

I love that a stranger inspired you. It's nice to think that we can inspire each other without even being aware that we are a source of inspiration. Another masterpiece! You could tell that guy he inspires you, but that might ruin it; too bad you can't send him an anonymous note. Major kudos to the fire department for their Hose-pitality! I'm sure it left lasting memories in his ever-growing little head! Omigosh that's the cutest idea, wow I can't wait to see what he has to say in the years to come.

Kerri I love your blog you share so many great things with everyone. Just a super great job all the time. Theme days are a lot of fun and I like them. If you want to let your inner comic out on Thursdays I would like to recommend the "Throat Punch Thursday". A chance to vent and be ridiculous and say all the things you wish you could say... humor greatly encouraged. I certainly enjoy your posts so you'll see me continue to stalk :)  And being a runner in my 50's, I resemble that "older guy". Ahem. I am sure there was no pain involved.

Oh, and work is your FAVORITE place to go? I bet Jacek is wrong on that one! I thought it was the hockey rink (lol). This is so cute-- and a brilliant idea, to boot! I am going to steal it for my kids.  Love the building (church) and the look of joy on the boys face with the fire hose is priceless ;) I agree with you 100%, very well said.  I really hope that my mom reads this. Hopefully it will help her understand my relationship choice. ;)

Me got tributes and awards for you!  Please drop by..... You have ONE AWESOME BLOG.  Keep up the great work!  I'll see you on Sunday!


Your biggest fan

P.S.  The button and scroll box look hot!

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WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Love it! It is such a great idea,.. but I'm not sure if it would work for me. I sometimes just get those dreaded one or two word comments: Great post...

That would be some under worded love letter...

PolishPrince said...

Your biggest fan is definitely one positive, supportive, cheery soul! This has struck me as an interesting, "mood-gauge," of the comments left by people overall. Super duper post, :D

Mom (Marsh) said...

Although this blog your doing is ok I still am more of the every day ones you do, its not I dislike it, it just doesn't hold my attention as well as your other blogs do.But great job in all your effort with all of them.

Shell said...

I'm going to have to remember to do this. I had some awesome ones I could link together.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

You got me again!!! I love how you weave everything into one post!

Confessions From A Working Mom

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Ok that was so funny. I swear as soon as I catch up (I am really behind) I am going to do this!!

Unknown Mami said...

I was in desperate need of a smile and I just knew this would do the trick. I was right.