Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Share

This last week in bloggyland there were a whole bunch of posts offering suggestions on what not to do in your blog, what to do to get ahead in your blog, blog burn out, etc.

Blogging appears to be a pretty serious epidemic and boy do I have a bad case of 'em.

Why are you blogging?  What is your blog about?  What do you want to get back from your blogging?  What is your theme? 

I maintain my beginning proclamation.  I blog because it is part of the journey I'm on to write open and honestly. 
My blog started out being about me.  However, the more readers I get I see myself wanting it to be about me and YOU.  It is about life.  It is about real things with a bag full of goodies mixed in.
I want connections and to feel connected.  I want dialogue.  I want feedback.  I want to inspire and be inspired. 

I want to write.  I want to be read.  I want you to know that I am sharing who I am and that I'm not always the best at sharing.

I want you to know that I'm a HUGE fan of organization.  With two small children I can't imagine not having at least an idea of how our week ahead looks.  I used to never allow for disruptions though and now I can't imagine not leaving room for unexpected mishaps, changes, mood swings, etc.  Sometimes that's all that you can plan for your plans to change last minute.

I want you to know I have a weekly menu.  I have a weekly to do list.  I have a daily chore list.  Actually, that last one is a lie.  I don't have a chore list but I should have one.  Our house is dusty.  We don't have dust bunnies we have dust dinosaurs.  YuCk!

I want you to know I don't have a weekly blog schedule, yet, but I am working on it.  I like to write whatever I'm thinking, feeling, doing, etc. while I'm thinking or feeling it. I will continue to do that BUT I have to organize my blog folder or I will begin to feel overwhelmed and then I might become UGLY about it. 

I'm also thinking like this because with the weather getting nicer and us spending more time outside and away from home, away from my butt imprinted couch cushion ALONG with my day getting busier with an added morning walk/run and house projects and laying in the sun laziness I will need to organize my thoughts, my posts and schedule them in so that it is less a chore and more a dose of fun and keeping life interesting type of thing.

I want you to know I have a tentative plan to
give better blog. 
I'll be working at it and tweaking it 
(that is totally my hubbys word) over the next few weeks. 

Monday - I hope to continue my Weekly Menu Monday because my hubby really likes it and it keeps me focused on meal planning.  I am thinking about being super ambitious and planning the menu out for a whole month.  So, they'll be a Monthly Menu Post the first Monday of a new month with links to recipes for the first week.  Then the following Monday I will update/review the previous week's menu plan and include the links to the upcoming weeks recipes.  My thinking is that this might generate more participation and feedback from you since you'll have more time to "plan" or pick a few of the same recipes as me and report back the following week. 

Tuesday - Comment-Love Letter day.  I do not see this changing anytime soon.  I like doing the letter, look forward to it and am hoping for increased participation as I continue with it! 

Wednesday - Serious post day.  I love writing about serious things because I get to use my skills.  HA!  This will be the day I get to use my "noodle" and share my thoughts and opinions. 

Thursday - Review/Giveaway / Funny day.  At least for the next three Thursdays I will be having a review post and related giveaway.  This is a new *thing* that I'm trying.  It sounds fun and I can't pass up the opportunity to SHOW you how much I appreciate you reading Kerri's Klutter.  I love the idea of being able to offer free things that I KNOW you will enjoy.
On the Thursdays I don't have anything to review or giveaways to offer I will try to channel my inner comic.  I think I'm a funny person but funny in a different way then most.  I don't know if I am read as funny though.  That will be something we'll have to figure out together.

Friday - Meme participation day.  I love doing Friday Fragments and Feel Good Friday.  This day will serve as a Wild Card day should something else come up that just needs to be shared. 

Saturday - Sharing day.  I will update on me, the boys, and Darren, my husband.  You might find pictures of us, stuff we've been up to, fun stories and just general updates.  This might also be the day when Darren does a few guest posts.  I love reading his words, don't you?  Luckily he also enjoyed his previous posts and has said he'd like to do more.

Sunday - Sundays In My City Day.  I'll be linking up over at Unknown Mami and sharing photographs and tidbits about my city and town.  I did this for the first time last week and loved it.  It was like a mini tour around the country/world.  This encourages me to not only get out and enjoy the place I live but to see it from a different perspective.  Nothing helps you really SEE then when you're taking photographs with the intention of sharing them with other people.  It really helps you capture things you might otherwise overlook.

I'm not anxious to pin point myself into a category or theme.  I've always marched to the beat of my own drum...and I think that's kind of what I want my blog to do too.  If it is to be a direct reflection of who I am I can't force it to define itself. 

I think over time it will be clearer where it fits in.  It could take it years though.  I'm 32 and it's still not clear to me where I fit in but I've never really searched too hard for an answer. 
Those who get me, get me.  Some will find a piece of something here at Kerri's Klutter and will come back for another piece and then another.  Not everyone will want seconds though and that's okay with me.

For those that do though...I'll be here, dishing it out.


Unknown Mami said...

I love the dialogue! It's the best part of blogging and I had no idea before I got started.

I find that having "programming" on my blog really helps. I have three programmed days and one free-write day. It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. I only post 3-4 times a week so that I can have time to visit others.

I'll see you on Sunday!

The button and scroll box look hot!

Sarah With Scissors said...

theme days are a lot of fun and I like them. If you want to let your inner comic out on thursdays I would like to recommend the "Throat Punch Thursday". A chance to vent and be rediculous and say all the things you wish you could say... humor greatly encouraged.

i certainly enjoy your posts so you'll see me continue to stalk :)