Friday, March 12, 2010

A 4 year old Mom

I have been Jacek's Mommy for 4 years!

I am still trying to grasp that he is MINE.  How dare I ever say I am not a lucky person.  For surely I am one of the luckiest.
I put together a bunch of questions and have been bugging Jacek all week with them.
I was only able to ask 2 or 3 at at time until I was (most of the time) politely asked to STOP!
I would love to do this every year for both Jacek and Aidan during the week leading up to their birthdays.  The goal is to have a record of the same questions being asked through the years with a multitude of different answers that are sure to be received.

Interview with Jacek Robert
The week of March 7th - 12th, 2010
 Jacek's answers are in green

Hi there.

What is your name? The hulk

If you could change your name, what name would you pick? 
I want my name to be Jacek.  Are you going to change my name?  Why?  ( I had to reassure him that we wouldn't change his name.)

How old are you?  I'm 4 right now...cuz I had my birthday already 
(I asked him this on Wed March 10..but he had celebrated his birthday at school on Tuesday)

What is your favorite:

cereal - fruit circles
vegetable - carrots (news to me)
drink - apple juice
toy - all these points to his outfit...wearing a fireman's hat, super why goggles, pajamas and holding an Elmo phone
TV Show - Rescue Heroes
game - Hungry Hippos
book -The Wild Things (Where the Wild Things Are)
restaurant - McDonald's and Wendy's (I didn't know he knew about Wendy's)
holiday -Easter
What do you like about Easter?  
The eggs that the Easter Bunny brings us.
animal - bear

What do you like most about yourself?   
what I'm doing right now. points to his face. smile.

What is your favorite thing to do? Play.
Play what?  Toys. Play cars.  Play trains. Ya know.

What is something you DON'T like to do?  
I don't like to play with anyone but myself.

What do you dream about? um, a lot of things.
Like what?  Spiderman and Batman

What do you want to be when you are a grown up? A policeman and fireman and a ambulance driver and a, I don't know what else I can be...that's all I can say.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Ahhh, not by myself...with you and Daddy and Aidan and my cousins and all other people....
Where though?  Where?...into the woods with all the animals...but we might have to run really, really fast from the bad, bad wolf and the bear, the lion and the tiger....
He runs around the dining room...parlor and back into the living room.
My heart is beeping Mommy....hear it?
Beeping or Beating? BEEPING!

What do you like most about Mommy? kisses
How old is your Mommy? 4
What is something Mom always says to you? You always say No
How do you know your mom loves you? Because I love you
What makes mom happy? Me hugging you
What makes mom sad? Me hitting
How does your mom make you laugh?  
by tickling..tickles his chin.  This is my ticklely spot. 
What is your moms favorite thing to do? Play play play
What is your mom really good at? playing hockey (news to me!)
What is your mom not very good at? like miss the shots 
What does your mom do for her job? work on your computer
What makes you proud of your mom? when I hug you
What do you and your mom do together? play together 
Where is your mom's favorite place to go? to work 
What does Mommy do while you're at school?  
Puts Aidan to nap and then you come down for snack and lunch.

What do you like most about Daddy? hugs
How old is your Daddy? 8 
What is your Dad's favorite food? lettuce
How are you and your Dad the same? by our faces
How are you and your Dad different? rubs Daddys chin Spikeys
What is Daddys favorite sport?  Basketball
How strong is Daddy? really really strong
How do you know when Daddy is proud of you? a hug for me

What do you like most about Aidan?  kisses
What do you like to do with Aidan? play and share

When you get really silly you  goof around
What do you like to eat for lunch? um, special lunches (lunchables)
What do you wish we did more of? going outside
What do you think is above the stars in the sky?
hmm, i dunno..clouds...they're up you mean what's on top of the ceiling in the sky?...clouds
Name two things you want us to do as a family on the weekend
go out all together to play
play museum (National Museum of Play at Strong Rochester, NY)

What is one new thing you'd like to try this year? 
make food

What are you wishing for this year?
Hang on Mommy I have to go pee-pee
Daddy tells him to think about his wish while going pee-pee.
He goes and then comes back and without being prompted says: 
 I wish I was a real, real, real rescue hero!

Happy Birthday J.J. 
Mommy thinks you're pretty awesome. 

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

This is so cute-- and a brilliant idea, to boot! I am going to steal it for my kids.

Oh, and work is your FAVORITE place to go? I bet Jacek is wrong on that one! I thought it was the hockey rink (lol).

Confessions From A Working Mom

LuLu said...

Found you through Friday Follow, what a brilliant idea you have! I am now following your highly entertaining blog!!!


sarah @ i run with scissors said...

that is the greatest idea ever!!!

and the cutest answers ever...

sarah said...

That so just put a huge smile on my face!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What great answers! Stopping by from SITS!

erica said...

omigosh.. that's the cutest idea.. wow.. i can't wait to see what he has to say in the years to come.. what a cutie pie..

Maureen said...

This is adorable! What a cute idea. I might steal it for my kids! The next birthday coming up is my oldest, she'll be 14. I can imagine her answers! LOL

I'm a new reader, glad to have found your blog!

Maureen AKA QponCutie

PolishPrince said...

boy, i sure do love that little boy from the bottom of my "beeping" heart! :D