Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Menu Monday (posted Sunday)

Monday - Buffalo Chicken Pasta 
This was fantastic!  Thanks Shell!  I was disappointed to find that Darren ate it all and there was no leftovers.  I even made a double batch so this wouldn't happen. 
Tuesday - Slow Cooker Hamburger Stew
Delicious.  More of a soup but we ate it along with Cheese Beer bread, they went well together
Wednesday - Sweet and Sour Smoked Sausage
This is always one of our favorites.  Only I realized I was out of sweet-n-sour sauce as I was needing to put it over the sausage.  I quickly googled for a "make your own sweet-n-sour sauce".  What I found could quite possibly take the place of the store bought one I normally use.  Email me if you're interested in making your own! Delicious!
Thursday - Slow Cooker Maple Country Style Ribs
My favorite meal of the week.  So! So! good.  I wrote a bit about it below
Friday - Golden Chicken Tenders (Stove Top Stuffing is part of the topping)
These were great but I wasn't feeling all that well and didn't prepare much for sides.  Next time we'll have it with Mac-n-Cheese and french fries
Saturday - Ham and Spinach Quiche
Always scrumptious
Sunday - Meatloaf
I love me some Meatloaf.  Two ingredients I use are sage and Worcestershire sauce.

On Thursday when I returned home after dropping Jacek off at school I walked into the house to the smell of the
Slow Cooker Maple Country Style Ribs in the crock pot.  The smell was amazing.  I was immediately transported to my back yard.  I could feel the sun on my skin.  I could hear the boys running around the yard screaming and delighting my senses with their laughter.  I thought of corn on the cob, pasta salad, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, blades of glass sticking to my skin.  It was summer.  It was warm and sweet.  It was delicious!


This week our menu is thrown off a little bit due to our anniversary on Monday, Jacek's birthday on Friday and a friends birthday on Saturday

Here's what's Cookin in the kitchen of Kerri's Klutter:

Happy Weekly Menu Monday(posted on Sunday).
May you have a week of stress free yummy meals to look forward to
or just take my menu and call it your own!


Auntie M said...

YUM-O Everything sounds so good. Would you share your Buffalo Chicken Pasta recipe? And the slow cooker country ribs sound awesome. You are a great cook, like your dad. LOL Happy Anniversary to you and Darren. And happy Birthday to Jacek. What a busy week you're going to have, but know it will be an exciting one with many memories to be made. Love and hugs.

Unknown Mami said...

The ribs sound amazing!