Monday, March 8, 2010

Do I Kerri take you Darren?

It became unseasonably warm as the day progressed

everyone made mention that the mild weather was a nice surprise

I was afraid I might get mud on my dress

I was also afraid I might fall down the stairs
but My father didn't let that happen

Walking down the isle
my glance was intercepted

 by a man that stood just feet away from me
He was the reason I was wearing a beautiful gown, a glittery tiara, and that smile

I loved how I looked as his bride. 
I loved the way he looked at me 
when he spoke his vows

What I remember most about that day was feeling like a princess
in a fairy tale
who finally got her prince


but I also remember how we made sure
because after all it was OUR FAIRY TALE

 I remember how it was snowing when we left
and how everyone was saying what a surprise it was

Then we drove to Niagara Falls

And we lived Happily Ever After
{{Insert choking sound here}}

Um, no
Not Exactly

But what has happened 
is 7 years of ups and downs
of a house being transformed into a home
 of having two beautiful little boys
of friends
of love
of anger
of sadness
of happiness

I didn't just marry him.  I married us.
and sometimes US is the only thing that keeps me going

I kinda wish we could do both,ya know
live a fairy tale and be ourselves
every single day
but life doesn't always make that possible.

What is possible
is remembering the vows I made to him 
7 years ago 
I do.

What is possible 
is loving him more
today then I did yesterday
  I do.

Do I Kerri take you Darren?

You bet your sweet sexy bottom

Happy Anniversary Baby.
Kisses times 3 till infinity.


debbie hoffman said...

Kerri I love your blog you share so many great things with everyone. Just a super great job all the time.
Happy Anniversary!!!!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That was so cute! You were an absolutely gorgeous bride; so if rain is good luck on a wedding day, does that mean snow is too?

Confessions From A Working Mom

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and memories! My DH and I were married in February, and it was also unseasonably warm. While we were indoors for our reception, a storm passed through, but we weren't even aware of it. That's always part of the story when we talk about our wedding day. :)

Happy anniversary!

PolishPrince said...


Shell said...

Gorgeous bride!

And I love what you wrote about your journey together.

Happy anniversary!

Auntie M said...

Happy Anniversary to a sweet niece and her prince. Have a wonderful "date". Love the pics of your wedding and I remember the day well. As always, you inpire us with your insight and warm reflections on life, love and

PS thanks for sharing the Bflo. Chix recipe.

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures and such a sweet story! You keep being you! :)

MomWheeler said...

Happy Anniversary Kerri And Darren..My Beautiful Daughter..And Handsome "Son"...Your Post Brought Back Many Wonderful Memories Of That Day! We All Had Such A Great Time At Your Wedding. Always Remember..Even Through The Ups And Downs..Love Each Other As Much Today As You Did On The Day You Were Married!
We Love You Both Very Much!
By The Way..Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart For Jacek And Aidan!

Crystal said...

Just beautiful. Happy anniversary.

Mom(Marsh) said...

7 years ago I not only had a son but I gained a daughter, friend and wonderful addition to our family. We've had our ups and downs thru out the 7 getting to know each other and all of our ways but I think it has also helped me I guess you could say its been a learning process for both of us and I feel its getting better with time and as you say taking a step back for me also I'm not as focused on it any more and have been trying real hard.But you've given me two super duper grandsons from the love I see you have for my son,what more could a grandma want other than Jacek and Aidan I am very blessed to have all of you in my life..

erica said...

awe.. how sweet is that.. i remember that's the first time i met you.. i also remember that's the first time i saw darren in over three yrs.. i remember sobbing like a little baby when darren came up and lit the candle, sobbing like a baby while you said your vows thinking, "i hope i have that someday".. congratulations and here's to seven more.. and then some... =)