Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Share

Today is Saturday Share.

A weekly post about us, what we've been up and pictures
to fill in the blanks.
(Saturday Share tends be a fairly long post...sit back and enjoy)
This week started things back to normal.  After no school for Jacek for a two weeks he about flew inside the class room the second the teacher opened the door.  He emerged like a blur for 3 seconds to say "Oh yeah, oops...I love you Mommy" and he was gone again.  I was glad to see the feeling of "being cooped up together too long" was reciprocated.  It sure does help the Mommy guilt of wanting him to go back to school. 
As I mentioned yesterday very briefly, we got the letter from the school accepting Jacek into their Universal Pre-K Program (UPK) come September.  It is a FULL day, 5 day a week pre-school.  He'll be riding the bus, going to gym, music class, and doing lots of fun great wonderful stuff with Mommy.  I am so happy for him and I'm trying to relish in that right now.  I'll worry about all my sobbing and wet pajama tops come September.  

Aidan is getting big and taller, it seems, everyday.  I've been working with him about the potty.  We started Jacek at about 20 months so he's right on track.  He GETS it but has had no success yet.  Yesterday, as I've been nagging the poor kid all week he told me he had a poopy diaper. In his little chinese language (which I totally should capture on video and post before it goes away altogether) he said, "Mabee, I have poopy".  Then Jacek was jumping up and down, apparently just as excited as I was that his little brother had just clearly and undeinabley grew a little bit more little boyish right before our very eyes.  Way to go AIDAN!!
The day that Jacek got his acceptance letter in the mail his DADDY got his very own acceptance letter.  Darren was accepted into the State College of Brockport for the Fall Semester 2010.  He is thrilled and hopefully, I sure his is but he doesn't let on, very PROUD.  He's been hemming and hawing on this for years.  He now has the road open to leads him to accomplishing his goals.  So two of my boys are going to school this fall.
And Aidan and I...heck...we're gonna be whopping up this town.  

On Wednesday night Darren had a flat tire, luckily he noticed it while he was still at the schools parking lot.  Have I ever mentioned he works at a local college here?  Oh, sorry if I haven't...he does.  The whole flat tire thing showed me that both Darren and I are both working on US and our patience and learning what is important and what is not so much.
The Kerri and Darren show of the past would have been a bit cluttered, choosing not so nice words to convey our disgust and frustration over the situation BUT you know what the Kerri and Darren show of the here and now did?  We were calm, cool, and pretty smart and sexy too.  We both went with the flow, adjusted our schedules where needed and we just did what had to be done.  

I'm proud of us.  We've come a long way.  And it's when this crap happens that I'm reminded that the choices I've made, no matter how hard or wrong they may have seemed at the time, were definitely the right ones!!

I am doing well.  I successfully had my tooth yanked yesterday.  The experience wasn't all bad but it still sucked.  The nitrous gas was awesome.  Wow, did it feel good.  I took one pain pill last night and slept great.  I'm swollen and the right side of my mouth is very tender which kinda causes me to drool and that's not very hot. It's just not.  I'm calling out of work today.  I'm supposed to answer the phones and since that would be pretty difficult I'm taking a day to hang with the boys.  They don't mind so much if I drool.
Oh, almost forgot to mention (shame on me) that I am 
If you're stopping by from over there, HELLO and THANKS!!
I'm gonna post a picture.  In it you'll see a rather large pile of clothes.  
Let's see if you can guess why I cried over this pile not once but two times in the last week.

I will update later with the reason

 So, that was a little bit of our week.  How was yours?

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Jb said...

The picture is clearly outgrown baby clothes. Don't throw them out! Have someone make a quilt or some memento thing out of them! Sniff...don't make me cry!

Kristen said...

"He'll be riding the bus, going to gym, music class, and doing lots of fun great wonderful stuff with Mommy."
oopsie Mommy...did you not mean *without Mommy*?

The boys are getting big so fast...yikes!

...and I agree with Jb on the take of the picture...again, YIKES!!

Glad your tooth is finally taken care of..drool lady! Although even before the tooth was taken I do believe you had that same drol problem! ya!

erica said...

i'm so proud of you for getting your tooth pulled finally.. PROPS to you.. i know that it was suggested that you hold onto the baby clothes and have a quilt made out of them, but if you're anything like me, you just kinda need to get them out, get it done and over with, besides the fact that they just take up too much space, the clutter drives me nuts.. unless you're one of those ppl that would get to having the quilt made right away, then i say go for it.. for me, they'd sit and sit and sit.. it's gonna be hard when jacek starts school, a little lonely, then you remember the other bundle of energy that you're home with keeping you occupied.. i'm scared for when BOTH kids are in school full time.. i've always said i'd go back to work, but on what schedule? i enjoy volunteering at the school.. who's gonna get my kids ready in the morning?? who's gonna take them to their activities after school?? good thing i have two more years to figure that out.. lol good luck.. yay for jacek.. he's gonna love it..;)

MomWheeler said...

WOW...The Kwiatkowsi's Sure Are Getting Busy! The Four Of You Will Be Having So Much Fun!
Congratulations To You Darren On Jumping Into The School Routine Again! We're Very Proud Of You!
Congratulations Also Go To Your Little Munchkin...Jacek Robert...Grandma Knew All Along That He Would MAKE IT! What A Smart And Funny Little Boy He Is! Just Hope He Doesn't "LEARN" Too Much...He Will Be Too Smart To Go To Regular Kindergarten! He's Going To Have So Much Fun!
Little Aidan...Who Is Growing Like A Weed Will Be So Happy To Keep His Mommy Company!
Proud Of You Hon...For Facing Your "Dentist Fear" And Getting The Job Done! You'll Feel A Whole Lot Better.
Big Whooo-Hoooss To All Of You...Love You All So Much!

MomWheeler said...

Oh...I Forgot To Mention That I Think You Should Stop That Drooling Now...You Should Have Out-Grown That A Long Time Ago!