Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update your reader, blog roll, etc....pleasepleaseprettyplease


I really don't know if there is an easier way to do this or not...I'm working on finding out...

But for those of you who don't mind doing it this way

and making sure your reader gets updated with the correct site

please do the following!!

Go to

Sign in to use Blogger using your normal sign in name and password

You are then at your Blogger dashboard

If you follow more then one blog you will see them listed here.  Scroll down till you see the Manage button at the bottom of reading list

Click on the Manage blogs I'm Following button

Find Kerri's Klutter and click on settings off to the right

Click the Stop following this site

It will make sure you are sure by asking Are you sure?

Click Stop following

Refresh your screen

Then Go to

Off on the right side, down a little bit you'll see the headline "Join the Mess" Click on the follow button

Then confirm and Follow

Now you are following the correct blog....and you won't miss a thing!! 

I tried to make it read as easy as possible.  I have some friends and family who know very little about this blogging thing.  I'm trying to make sure they "get it"

Fingers crossed I don't lose too many followers from here to there................

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