Friday, November 6, 2009

Frustrations Friday

Good Morning Blogland!!  T.G.I.F to everyone.......

This is not the post I had "planned" for today.  I'll post that one too since I worked on it last night.  Right when I was shutting down my computer last night a blog idea popped into my head so I went up to my bedroom and worked on it.  It's not in its best form yet but I think it's a good enough idea to share and see what develops from it.  Sometimes those ideas can be the best kind, the ones you leave a little room for, so they can grow and become something.

I used to complain a lot.  It's so easy to, isn't it?  I think and I hope Darren and anyone else that's known me for awhile would agree, that I've bettered myself in that aspect over the last few years.

A couple of years back I even signed Darren and me up on this positive thinking website.  The premise behind the website is that rather then complain try instead to think of a solution or remedy to the issue.  We were supposed to be sent these "reminder" bracelets, to remind us to not complain and to use positive thinking to solve your problem.  We never got the bracelets.  I didn't complain about it though....instead I deleted their web address from my bookmarks....bunch of friggin liars ;o)   But seriously it'd be a great thing to have less complaining and more doing.  Focus that energy you use to complain on doing something about it!!

Don't get me wrong.  I still complain.  There are many things that I don't have the answers to, or ways to "fix".  From time to time, when a certain mood strikes I will dwell on them, I don't cry over them....well, much anyway but they can be a source of frustrating frustration.

So, I decided to try and make this my Fridays Focus.....Frustrations Friday.  I will list any frustrations, big or small.  Then through the following days before the next Friday I vow to work on them and hopefully they won't be on the next Friday's list.

Will you do this with me?  List a few of your frustrations in comments and make a promise to yourself to find ways to resolve them.

This doesn't mean that you have to complete something in order to deem it removed from the list.  For example if you're frustrated over money, which I know a lot of people are, that isn't going to go away in a week...the overall frustration anyway.  What you can do now is find a way to not complain about it, to be ok with it essentially.  Try to make a budget or cut coupons or sell a few things on craigslist.  Do what you need to do to make it less a target for complaining.

I will be posting pictures along with some of mine because, well, because it's fun!

Here are my FRUSTRATIONS FRIDAY, in no particular order.

- My computers post it note dilemma.  I have to use a pad of post it notes to hold up the end of my power cord piece.  Without it the computer doesn't charge and my battery light will come on and off, come on and off until my computer freezes and crashes, which happens often because it's just not a very good solution.  And just try to imagine exactly how I put the laptop on my lap using a huge board book that I stole from the boys all the while holding the post it notes so the cord stays in place.  Way to much time spent on this one, I tell ya.

- Project Organization.  I have so many things I want to complete before the end of the year and I have not done anything to get organized and serious about them.

- Two of my personal relationships cause me the crazies on a weekly basis.

 - Kitchen cabinet that won't close.  Even Aidan gets annoyed with this.

- Procrastination on filling out and making an appointment to complete Child Health Plus insurance for Aidan.

- Waiting for approval or denial (yikes) on the application I submitted almost a month ago to get a loan modification on our mortgage.

- It's becoming clear to me that I will need to get up at 6am in order to get the Kerri Quiet I know I need to be productive the rest of the day.

AND 1 more that seriously happened as I was writing out this post....isn't life just wonderful?.

- Our dining room ceiling, well at least one nasty tile, is now on the dining room floor...and to be the parlor and in the kitchen...kind of exploded a bit....nice. 

URRGGGHHHH!!! Frustration.

Take it easy today peeps.  Please stop and share some of your frustrations with me.  I feel better just sharing.

Have a great day.  And hey......quit yer bitchin


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. I saw on FB u were doing one. Great way to get out your frustrations, and organize your thoughts. Ok Kerri quick solution for the cabinets untill the finances arrive to permanently fix them. Baby latches. If I had any left I would send them to ya :). They should hold which ever cabinets closed and only cost about 5 buckaroos for a pack of them!
--Chris H

Kerri said...

Wow, you'd think I would have been able to come up with that one!! With it being an cabinet we couldn't close I just made the stuff inside "baby safe"
Never did I think to use one of those latches for other reasons...we have some left over...I shall give it a try! Thank you. If it get Kudos and props on next weeks Friday Blog.

OneThingReal said...

Hand guns and the imbeciles to whom we permit them.

Kristen said...

I never have any frustrations. The reason is this. A few years back I "found" these magical bracelets, in someones mailbox, that I wasn't supposed to be near, but I was sooo frustrated I popped the lid open, with a bat and found this cool box. Inside were two beautiful bracelets.. I put them on and I no longer complain and I use positive thinking to solve all my problems. I bet the intendee was soooooo frustrated!!!! ;)

Kimberly said...

LOL Kristen, you are too much!!!Actually, you're kinda frustrating you're so cute!!! LOL
Kerri, I know, that after you saw my house, before we did the work, you stole my ceiling idea and that is why yours looks like that. Uh huh.LOL (Sorry that happened.) Frustrations. I have many. I will name two and work on them. 1. Work..I get so frustrated when they promise they will get me another client case for more hours and they NEVER call me when it opens, BUT if I don't do something they need me to do THEY REMEMBER HOW TO CALL ME!(oops,I yelled) 2. Another is this, how often I spend doing the same things over and over, like sweeping up dog hair, only to turn around and see another hidden clump laughing at me, or putting things where they belong only to return to a room and find that they have escaped and no one can ever explain how they got "back out" (maybe I need some baby latches too). This is fun, so one more; what frustrates the hell out of me, is when I pull into a parking lot, see a spot, turn on my signal, so others know I am going to park there and out of nowhere, before I can get in it, someone is there, pulling into it as if I am invisible and THEN they have the nerve to look at me like I was trying to TAKE their spot! Three times today.. UGH..(should I give my hand gun back?) I like this post Kerri, I feel better already!

erica said...

so.. one of my BIGGEST frustrations is the fact that carl lee can not remember ANYTHING... EVER.. my solution, a calendar with every little tiny detail on it.. the dilemma, getting him to remember that there's a calendar with everything on it that he needs to know.. grrrr..

PolishPrince said...

Here's a sometimes everyday frustration...the dogs not holding their wee little bladder long enough for me to get them outside. I swear sometimes they're just lazy and let the turds fly, lol. That frustrates me...I will plot my cure.