Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm gonna tell you what I wished for

My family came over this afternoon to celebrate my birthday with me.  It got very loud and I got very warm. 

We all "threw down" and ordered a few pizzas.  I enjoyed the pizza because it was a spontaneous decision decided upon at the last minute.  It's nice for me personally when something that wasn't planned goes so well.  It's an encouraging thing in the eyes of a rigid planner.

When the pizza arrived we were all pretty hungry and we dived right in.  Every seat was filled at my dining room table, the couch in the parlor too, as was the parlor floor.  Filled with the behinds of my family.

The occupants of the dining room chairs were myself, my sister Kristen, my father, Aidan, my mother and my sister Kim.  Aside from Aidan....those occupants were the ones I shared my childhood dinners with.  It was nice to take notice of that and we chatted about our old assigned, but only because we always just sat there, seats.
When it was time for cake Darren lit the candles and dimmed the lights.  My family began to sing Happy Birthday to ME.  I relished in watching Jacek with glee in his eyes and love in his heart join in the singing.  I delighted in watching Aidan clap his hands and smile from ear to ear with excitement. 

I am in love with my family - both old and new. 

I closed my eyes, clenched my fists tight and wished........

for more time with my family - like I was able to spend tonight

for my safe travels to and from Richmond, VA mid-week

and for my sister Kim to come back and spend more time with me because I miss her

then I blew out the candles and everyone clapped.


Anonymous said...

Tighten up the family circle..
Buckle down and make some plans..
Keep in touch with one another..
Take the time..and show your love again.

Once we leave our family circle..
Seems we tend to drift apart..
But we never lose the feelings..
That connect us at the heart.

Send some roses to your Mama..
Thank your Dad for all he's done..
Go see your sisters..and your brothers..
And thank God you've got someone.

Don't sit and wait for an invitation..
Or 'til one of you is gone..
It's hard to say "I LOVE YOU"..
To a name carved on a stone.


Kimberly said...

I love you Kerri!!! It was nice to be with you for your birthday and it felt nice to be with our family. Everything was nice. It is so hard for me to explain.. but I think I "go" away for the wrong reasons. I will be back, as you wished, for it has been one of my wishes as well.. my littlest sister, all grown.. beautiful, funny, a mother to two little loving boys.. my nephews. You will always be my sister..loved always and forever. Now, now we need to develop a friendship that is strong, to bring our relationship to where it should be. We have said this a thousand times and never seem to reach the right time.. this time we need to make it happen.
I miss "you" Kerri !!
With my love to you always, Kim (Your trip will be great, and safe...have a great time.. you deserve it!)

Kristen said...

I triple the fact that we, as grown-up sisters, should start making time for one another. I love you both very much!! I had a great time as well. I am thankful for both of you. My new's years resolution is to make time for family. Although it can and should start before then!! :)