Friday, November 20, 2009

Touring Richmond, VA with Bobbi

Wow!  What a fantastic day.  The weather could not have been better.  The SUN, wow, it was shining down on us today and I picked the right shoes to wear so that means I am still a very happy girl!
We toured the Capitol

had lunch at Cafe Guttenberg where we had delicious sweet potato fries and salads.

browsed around the shops at Carytown (a street of small boutiques) and bought coffee and a slice of banana bread at Bin 22.  Cafe Mocha and banana bread = so good! 

Then we drove around Hollywood Cemetary

and then visited some other local scenic spots.  The pictures turned out amazing and upon viewing them made the day that more special because I had captured many of the moments I wanted to with exactly the feeling I had hoped for.

Here's a few more.  When I get back home I will upload them to an album and link to it in a blog next week.

Mike is making steaks and baked potatos for Bobbi and I and then will be our designated driver tonight while Bobbi and I get to indulge ourselves with "adult beverages" and fun. 

Oh, and I bought 2 hats!!  They are totally cute.  I will post pics of me wearing them soon. 

Sending love to my boys and my hubby.  Miss you guys.

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